Savage: The Battle for Newerth

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Eons after the human civilization has crumbled upon itself, its nomadic descendants, known as the Legion of Man, are uncovering long-forgotten knowledge and technology. Devastating weapons help them fight a violent battle for their very existence, against a monstruous enemy, the Beast Horde. A race of beings evolved from the wildlife that survived the apocalyptic wars, they use brute force and the powerful magic of nature to punish the humans.

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BIG Strife Update - come check it out. 2 new heroes & balance changes. The comeback is real :)

Oct 1 2017

Innovator streaming Brawl of Ages right now

Sep 17 2017

Brawl of Ages launched today, come join Kripp during his stream tonight

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Aug 21 2017

Brawl of Ages Balance Sweep, 5 new cards, all cards free, free cosmetics, new Death Effects and Tower Skins coming…

Jul 29 2017

Big Brawl of Ages Patch Release Today - 2v2 is now here! Read the patch notes and come play some.

Jun 7 2017

Brawl of Ages Patch 0.3.2 - Leagues Are Here! Download & play now, read the patch notes

May 15 2017

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May 8 2017

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May 7 2017

Brawl of Ages Community Cup Coverage starting now on Twitch live. Come join us

May 6 2017

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  • boomcogames boomcogames

    Absolutely gorgeous work!

  • biznesmen4d biznesmen4d

    Hey There, just want to say some words about this game.

    Firstly i want to draw an analogy with Counter Strike, the most popular action shooter game in the world which is alive at this moment. Thanks to what? Of course of his gameplay. Savage has there own innovations, which keep me in game from old 2006 year. Due to this, the Savage like Counter Strike has stay for me the game which has gameplay extremely not boring to me at all.

    Secondly, i want to give some description about this strong innovations and gameplay.

    Of course Savage like an other action game have there shooting system with unique weapons. Here u not see something new.

    But there melee system has extremely innovate to this day. The melee weapons has there own trajectory, and different moves has produced there own hit trejectories. So u can swim under or through block of opponent, with some precise moves of your mouse. So with ability of beasts simple jump on couple metres forward, u can see the unbelivable not repeated dance of battle.

    The second strong innovate, that this game is fusion of two genres: action and real time strategy (RTS) But commanding slot is just one for all team. U need some skills to take commanding place, which in most determines the success of the battle.

    The third thing that the game has its own competitions like Newerth Savage League for clans, Duel competitions (Thanks for melee system, its interest equel to the main game, but without good statistic, that bad :( ) and of course Savage World Cup (Again without good statistics that shows for example that that clan, country or dueller more gooder than other in that 10 years of savage exists etc)

    In the end of review i want to give some critic for creators. Somehow, but the newest mods (Samurai Wars, Extreme mode) and games (Savage2) that of cource exists in that 10 years in that way not bring development of unique features that exists in Savage1 (generally melee system)

    So, namely that game give from me 10 from 10

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  • cuoconnell cuoconnell

    I allowed it internet access but I'm still not seeing the redstone mine in the human tutorial any other ways to fix it?

    • H3027 H3027

      Some players with the issue reported that it is fixed when they reload the tutorial. Have you tried that?


    i will love to see a game like this but in more like now era. and with walls and more buildings.

  • Hail99 Hail99


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  • junktext junktext

    Just got the game installed and it seems to work fine as I played a few melee test rounds. I feel like every Desura game I play never works through the client, which like this game I was only able to get it to work after doing a direct download of the .BIN file for my Ubuntu 13.10 (64-bit) system.

  • H3027 H3027

    The Savage XR in-game tutorial section received a big updated today! In the new Duel and Skirmish Practice mode you can fight offline against smart Bots that are able to emulate real players, have multiple play styles and adapt to the enemy!

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  • H3027 H3027

    The new Savage XR Trailer and website are up!

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  • Vrenusdeathstar455 Vrenusdeathstar455


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    • H3027 H3027

      You have to hit the redstone mine a bunch of times, then bring the stone to the stronghold. :)
      Tomorrow there will be a big update with new melee duel bots you can practice against, a redesigned website and a gameplay trailer. So stay tuned!

      • APirateHat APirateHat

        I believe for some people the tutorial is still bugged, seen some people having problems with it.

      • H3027 H3027

        I figured out what his problem was. If you don't allow Savage XR to access the internet (windows display dialog showing up in the background depending on security settings), the Stronghold and Redstone Mine will be invisible in the tutorial and the server list won't load as well.

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      • #9Guest Guest

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