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Taking a break and checking out the exquisite Hollow Knight by @TeamCherryGames! --

10hours ago

RT @griffinmatta: Hollow Knight is out!!

Feb 24 2017

Doing some live #gamedev!

Feb 14 2017

RT @MildraTheMonk: Among REH's characters, I think Solomon Kane is the most underrated.

Feb 7 2017

RT @griffinmatta: 22 HOURS remain to sub to the @Humble Monthly Bundle and get the playable Hollow Knight Sneak Peek tomorrow!…

Feb 2 2017

RT @DonleyTime: Thank you @IndieDB Appreciate the call out! You're a great resource for new devs and our game updates!

Jan 30 2017

RT @CassandraRules: How trump can instantly unite the nation

Jan 29 2017

My new favorite video series by @Durmin_paradox Crime against humanity that there aren't more of these!

Jan 28 2017


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  • AvatarSCA AvatarSCA

    The new build looks awesome. It's really neat to see all of the extra story you're putty into it.

    One question about the build though. I got to the part where all the villagers are mining and there is an iron door and gold door near by. Watching your playthrough it seemed like this was where I can talk to them and receive a pick axe. However for some reason I can't interact with anyone or with the doors even though I have iron keys.

    Might just be a big on my system or perhaps I'm totally brain dead and am just missing something :)

    Win10 Pro
    Intel Core i7 920


    • toborprime toborprime Creator

      Oh crap! Sorry for the late reply -- IndieDB doesn't alert me to new comments (every blue moon the notification system decides to work).

      The NPC dialogue and interactions are coming in the next patch -- as of now they aren't implemented yet and you do not need the pickaxe to progress. If you go to the room immediately to the left of the slaves, one of the crates will contain an iron key that you can use to get into the iron key door.

      From there, the rest of the demo is accessible.

      Of course, you can always wait til the patch is deployed to engage in conversations, the new quests, etc.

  • Egg_Jav Egg_Jav

    Looks awesome!

  • Scrabbit Scrabbit

    Really good stuff so far! It's quite tough but really satisfying and it looks and controls brilliantly.

    If you don't mind me saying though, the sound design and music style doesn't quite seem to fit. Visually, it looks like a Super Nintendo game and the chiptunes and simple synthesized sounds feel a bit out of place next to that kind of visual fidelity. The melodies and such are really cool, but I think they'd fit better played by orchestral instruments. Preferably using less realistic/cheaper sounding VSTs to capture that early 90s SNES sound. The walking sounds can be a bit loud as well, but it's an alpha so I'm guessing sound levels are really not a priority right now!

    Just my two cents anyway, really looking forward to playing this in full!

    • toborprime toborprime Creator

      Thanks Scrabbit! Yeah, I have yet to do a real audio pass on everything (those pesky footstep noises included) -- and the music will get a bit of a makeover as well. Won't be quite the synthesized midi-esque symphonic stuff of, say, the SNES, but it will sound more high fidelity than straight up NES chiptunes. The stuff in the game right now is mostly place holder.

      This is all stuff on the todo list to be tackled once the game is nearly complete.

      Thanks again!

  • InaudibleSound InaudibleSound


  • NotGamerButPlayer NotGamerButPlayer

    I played the first alpha version and the latest version. I noticed that in the first version, you could move faster on the map by holding "A" and moving with the arrow keys. In the last version, it doesn't work anymore. Anyway, i love the concept of the game. Awesome graphics and gameplay, but there's one thing i noticed... Wooden Club does almost the same damage as the sword, but the club hits a lot faster than the sword.

    • toborprime toborprime Creator

      Hey, thanks for giving it a shot! Holding the 'A' button while on the map screen was a debug thing I forgot to remove that allowed me to zoom around the map.

      And yes -- for that build you played (which is around 2 years old by now) I did almost no balancing and just sort of threw a prototype together.

      These issues, and more, are getting fixed up. Thanks again for playing, and for commenting!

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  • TheUnbeholden TheUnbeholden

    Any plans on a early steam release?

    • toborprime toborprime Creator

      Good grief - sorry for the late reply. IndieDB refuses to alert me to comments.

      Are you referring to Early Access? I want to avoid releasing the game in that way. I don't think a game like this would do well in a retail system like that, since it's not a "living" game - i.e., procedurally generated with tons of modular elements added over time each year, and all that.

      It would be like playing Super Mario Bros. 3 or something, where like, every month a new zone or handful of levels was added.