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Scrolls is Mojang’s next game that aims to take the genre of Collectible Card Games to a whole new level. Streamlined gameplay aimed towards digital online gaming, auction houses, single-player campaigns and an array of multi-player gaming modes such as friendly matches, tournaments and ranked matches are only some of the features we are looking to implement to give the CCG-fans a never before seen online experience.

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"I've talked to people who say" seems to be an inadequate level of data to use as basis for policy-making.

6hours ago by carnalizer

RT @Gramatik: RIP Clyde Stubblefield AKA The Funkiest Drummer of All Time! We owe you so much brother!

21hours ago by pgeuder

All the made up stuff from @realDonaldTrump administration should have its own category at @TeePublic

21hours ago by pgeuder

Attempt #2. A bit faster, but better imo.

23hours ago by carnalizer

How about this for a brand stretch. Colors, name, and typeface but the rest looks SL-1200 w/o pattern interface or…

Feb 19 2017 by pgeuder

Who'd be fun to do a caricature of?

Feb 19 2017 by carnalizer

RT @JeannaLStars: After the terrible events #lastnightinSweden , IKEA have sold out of this:

Feb 19 2017 by carnalizer


Feb 19 2017 by pgeuder

RT @carlbildt: Sweden? Terror attack? What has he been smoking? Questions abound.

Feb 19 2017 by carnalizer

RT @mollstam: 78% male leads and 96% male directors on Netflix's series -- come oooon~ :(

Feb 17 2017 by jonkagstrom

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