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Scrolls is Mojang’s next game that aims to take the genre of Collectible Card Games to a whole new level. Streamlined gameplay aimed towards digital online gaming, auction houses, single-player campaigns and an array of multi-player gaming modes such as friendly matches, tournaments and ranked matches are only some of the features we are looking to implement to give the CCG-fans a never before seen online experience.

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- I baked this for you daddy! - Oh that's lovely. Is it a frog? - No, it's a penis! #parenting

Dec 12 2017 by carnalizer

Piano house is pure happiness put to a structure. #NowPlaying

Dec 12 2017 by pgeuder

RT @Bergsala: På jakt efter en NES Classic Mini, SNES Classic Mini och Nintendo Switch? Just nu pågår en auktion i samarbete med…

Dec 12 2017 by xlson

RT @adrianfcole: whoo hoo! I get to go to @Jfokus and also speak about #zipkin there. See you in feb

Dec 9 2017 by xlson

"People you may know" - I got through to the end of that section on LinkedIn; browsing and inviting, but only peopl…

Dec 9 2017 by pgeuder

Heaume 1500 is Cyclone level cool!

Dec 9 2017 by pgeuder

Feels like Google image search has been destroyed by Pinterest. Search results links to another app than "internet/HTML". #fail

Dec 9 2017 by pgeuder

Traditionally at this time of year, moms add spice to their life by gambling on whether they'll remember to blow ou…

Dec 9 2017 by carnalizer

I don't know, but I want one.

Dec 9 2017 by carnalizer

RT @Alitamovie: From Producer James Cameron and Director Robert Rodriguez, watch the first trailer for #Alita Battle Angel. In thea…

Dec 9 2017 by pgeuder

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