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Search and Rescue 2

The sequel to Global Star Software’s highly successful Search and Rescue. Take control of a Dolphin HH65 helicopter and fly as a pilot, assigned to an American Coast Guard base, and experience the thrill and excitement of day-to-day search and rescue missions. As you progress in skill and rank you will be faced with more difficult missions including hazardous rescue attempts. You will rescue victims of car crashes, search and pick up lost persons or do maintenance work on oil platforms.

Search and Rescue 2 features a very realistic physical flight model that demands the player’s full concentration. There is also a simplified flight mode for beginners, and most of the environmental parameters are adjustable, like weather conditions, night and days missions and other difficulty settings.

Search and Rescue 2 at a Glance

  • Platform(s): PC
  • Developer: InterActive Vision
  • Publisher: Global Star Software