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SERENDIPITY is an artistic puzzle game developed by SUPINFOGAME's students in 2013. This concept is based on the SERENDIPITY : "The faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for." brought to life through an abstract universe. (PC & WII) Produced by : Lucas DEVOS | Marie RONNAUX | Benbadis SLIMANI | Frédéric BRICOUT | Hugo NGUYEN DUC. Have you noticed that your cursor is a wonderful & glowing energy link? It means that you are the entity that will highlight the living piece of art you’re wandering in. Your job is to find a way to the next painting, using the objects around you. However, those objects are like art itself : unpredictable. Get closer and seize them while you can... With your cursor, aim at a nearby object and click on it to make your glowing sphere reach it. Upon impact, this object will start a movement, pulling the sphere along and allowing you to advance in the level. Accept the unexpected and dive into this abstract world...

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"Exitium" is gonna be filled with seriously #creepy & #Disturbing shit, I can tell you that #indiedev

Oct 10 2017

I dreamed that alternate realities were like superimposed timeline loops and the only way to time travel(ish)was to jump from one to another

Oct 3 2017

OMFG the new #StarTrekDiscovery show .... *Screaming like a fan girl*

Oct 1 2017

Voilà pour toi #société, étouffe-toi avec.

Sep 22 2017

Tried to sleep thinking about Newton's cradle, wondered how it works, spent hours on kinetic energy. Haven't slept, now want this pendulum.

Sep 12 2017

If you think about it, every single human on this planet is a blood relative. No matter from how far.

Sep 12 2017


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