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Shank 2

Name Change: Klei’s Incognita is Now Invisible, Inc.


After losing a bet involving scuba gear, a hang glider and a bucket of lard, Klei has agreed to change…

Humble Indie Bundle 7 Launches with Binding of Isaac and More


The latest pay-what-you-want indie compilation from the Humble Bundle has gone live, offering a chance to own six great games…

EA Goes Indie, Consoles are Dead, and Black Ops 2 is (Not) the Worst Game Ever Made


Rant Bites are so yummy

Awkwardly Named EA Indie Bundle Hits Steam at 70% Discount

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Got $20? Then you can have six games.

Shank 2 Gameplay Footage (With James and Mitch!)


Put some Shank in your tank.

Watch The Shank 2 Gameplay Trailer (VIDEO)


Lots of punching. Click to watch!

Five More Games Join the Humble Indie Bundle No. 4

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That’s a lot of games.

Shank 2 at a Glance