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Shot Online

Golf, which requires mental strength, is reproduced as a full 3D online golf game “Shot-Online”.

Shot-Online is a RPG based online sports simulation game. Unlike the previous and existing golf games, Shot-Online has a property of RPG; that is by playing with other users with different properties, you can level up your character by enhancing your weak points.

For restructuring realistic golf courses in the game, we developed our own physics engine.

To make it the most realistic, we motion captured swings of Korean PGA golfer and applied it to the motions of characters. Then, with IK engine mounted, the natural and realistic motions of characters become realized.

In addition, all the items in the Shot-Online are based on the real golf items and rare items are once-existed items studied from golf history. These factors in Shot-Online allow online golf gamer to play the most realistic golf game.

Shot-Online has properties of online community game such as item exchanging and quests. It attracts users by allowing users to level up their characters by everyday practice.

Moreover, users feel like as if they watch the real PGA game on TV with various camera works and users get interested not only in playing but also in a gallery mode.

Shot Online at a Glance

  • Platform(s): PC
  • Genre: RPG
  • Developer: OnNet
  • Publisher: SYNET Entertainment