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Silent Hill Downpour

Silent Hill: Downpour Cheats


Discover the secrets of Silent Hill.

Silent Hill: Downpour Walkthrough


Bring a flashlight, a broken radio, and an umbrella — we’re going to Silent Hill.

Silent Hill: Downpour Achievements


Visit the Silent Hill Historical Society and document these achievements.

Silent Hill: Downpour Trophies


Find a place for your trophies at Silent Hill’s Art Gallery.

March is Silent Hill Month — Downpour, Book of Memories Release Dates Inside!


As if March could ever be anything else.

Silent Hill Producer Hullet: No Akira in Downpour Due to “Japanese Business Politics”


More’s the pity, I say.

Silent Hill: Downpour Interview with Producer Tomm Hulett


We held him up at gunpoint and made him tell us everything he knows!

How to Get Different Endings in Silent Hill: Downpour


No word if any of them involve conspiracy theories or aliens.

Silent Hill: Downpour Hands-on Preview


Caution: Wet Floor (in building full of misshapen horrors)

Silent Hill Downpour Delayed Until 2012

downpour 10-10-2011

They’d better be using the extra time to make this one awesome.

6 Ways “Downpour” Is Different From Previous Silent Hills


And 4 other ways it’s kind of the same.

Mary Elizabeth McGlynn Likely to Work on Silent Hill: Downpour


She may very well collaborate with composer Daniel Licht on the opening theme. A producer at E3 told us so.

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Silent Hill Downpour at a Glance