Silent Hunter III


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Silent Hunter III features a fully dynamic campaign. Instead of giving the player a specific set of objectives for each mission, Silent Hunter III simply assigns the player a certain patrol grid, and appropriate naval traffic, such as convoys, destroyer escorts, and task forces are automatically generated by the simulation engine. How the mission proceeds and what targets are attacked is left totally up to the player. In addition to being a more accurate representation of WWII U-Boat warfare, the dynamic campaign significantly improves the game's replay value, as the campaign plays out differently each time.

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  • Total_mod_thester Total_mod_thester

    agree with that best U-Boat simulator ever

  • Jonny4568 Jonny4568

    Best game ever, i pesonally say run it with GWX (Grey Wolves Expansion 3.0 Gold), i also have GWx super mod and about 30+ mini mods on top and i am still adding new ones everyday! Visit for mods and forum discussions!

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  • Bronco78th Bronco78th

    Yes, fantastic game, couldn't agree more.

    Even better with the Grey Wolves mod which can be downloaded now for free...possibly best mod ever in terms of contentfor any game.

    2 +
  • m82sniper m82sniper

    An excellent game, though fans of it are few and far between. This is the best of the SH series.

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    • s7rikeback s7rikeback

      "though fans of it are few and far between"

      Really ? Have you even been to ?