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Soldier of Fortune

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Soldier of Fortune is a first-person action shooter title from Raven Software. You play a soldier-for-hire who must travel to some of the world's most dangerous political hotspots in order to carry out your task. Take part in over 30 missions with tasks such as locating nukes on a speeding freight train to searching out an Iraqi oil refinary. You'll be utilizing the world's most lethal weaponry, including a sniper rifle, white phosphorous grenades, and prototype microwave pulse guns. With realistic body damage, interactive 3D environments, and the Quake II engine with new GHOUL technology to back it up Soldier of Fortune is placing you into a realistic world filled with violence.

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  • andrea89 andrea89

    there are no mods for this awesome game???

    5 +
  • SourHyperion1 SourHyperion1

    are there any mods anywhere for this?

    4 +
  • SourHyperion1 SourHyperion1

    Just finished playing SoF Platinum, good game. Very Gory, but well played

    6 +
  • PsiquiGames PsiquiGames

    Really a lot of blood.

    3 +
  • TH4N3 TH4N3

    Why no one make mods for SoF I? :( I guess its not too hard... Low poly models, not much scripting against newer games and great options like in HL1 (same engine, slightly diffrent).

    • Derringer Derringer

      actually, SOF uses the Q2 engine, and Half Life uses a heavily modified Q1 engine, or something like that. still, I'd like some SOF 1 mods too

      2 +
  • Michael_Z_Freeman Michael_Z_Freeman

    A classic of it's time ? If you have the password then there seems to be no way round it apart from buying online. I picked up a copy for about 3 British Pounds.

    3 +
  • leilei leilei


    8 +