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Soul Calibur 5

Soul Calibur 5: Secret Characters


Learn how to unlock all the secret characters in Soul Calibur 5.

Soul Calibur 5 Achievements


“Slashing through the shadows, she defeats the evils that lurk behind history.” – Soul Calibur Narrator

Soul Calibur 5 Walkthrough


Burn with the souls of history in our text and video guide to Soul Calibur 5.

Soul Calibur 5 Trophies


“May the sun shine when the clouds of the dark age are cleaved by his sword.” – Soul Calibur Narrator

Soul Calibur 5 Cheats


“Battles risking the soul, a man becomes a slave to his own ambition.” – Soul Calibur Narrator

Soul Calibur V Has A, Ahem, Prominent Chest (PIC)

soul calibur v chest

This should make you want to buy the game!

Comment of the Week: Why Ladies Wear Skimpy Clothing In Fighting Games


This is genius!

Try Fighting The Soulcalibur V – TGS 2011: Meet Astaroth & Viola Trailer


See if Astaroth and Viola can solve the mystery of why don’t fighting game women wear protective clothes?

New Soul Calibur V Characters, and a Trailer

soul calibur v

You know you’re excited.

Enjoy SOULCALIBUR V – Behind-the-Game (Video)


I miss my Dreamcast!

Soul Calibur V E3 Trailer

soul calibur v

This is my game, baby.

Break Out Your Whip and String Bikini for Soulcalibur V (TRAILER)

soulcalibur thumb

Full disclosure: Ivy isn’t in this trailer. Sorry.

Soul Calibur 5 at a Glance