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SpaceEngine - a free space simulation program that lets you explore the universe in three dimensions, from planet Earth to the most distant galaxies. Areas of the known universe are represented using actual astronomical data, while regions uncharted by astronomy are generated procedurally. Millions of galaxies, trillions of stars, countless planets - all available for exploration. You can land any planet, moon or asteroid and watch alien landscapes and celestial phenomena. You can even pilot starships and atmospheric shuttles.

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If you unable to see the solar eclipse on August 21, try out the "eclipse edition" patch for SpaceEngine

Aug 19 2017

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Jun 23 2017

Don't miss SpaceEngine live stream today at 7PM UTC! Highlighting new features in the upcoming update! #SpaceEngine

Jun 23 2017

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Dec 13 2016

SpaceEngine 0.980 has been released! Download here

Jul 30 2016

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  • thefallen1goth thefallen1goth

    Is this a graphically intensive game for a Windows computer with 8GB of RAM and a 3.4GHz processor?

    • #4Guest Guest

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  • Jarro Jarro

    Спасибо! Чудесная вещь.

  • Ali_Army107 Ali_Army107


  • vault boi vault boi

    is pretty neato

  • INtense! INtense! Staff

    Just wanted to thank you for the continually updates on IndieDB + ModDB. Great to see the coverage you are receiving in the wake of the NMS fiasco.

  • RequiemLux RequiemLux

    This is one of the best projects on this site 10/10. Please keep going!

  • #7Guest Guest

    Magnifique, just put me in something I can fly in it I can blow up, (even down to the planets surface would be nice.

    Perhaps remove a whole star even maybe even planet through wanten bloodlust or sheer boredom of other space game's none of which have that feature no matter how interactive they say their universe is.

    Imagine taking out a whole star system by taking out all the player's in it's solar systems sun! ER great idea! wow even! Not just one players planet destroyed or captured at a time, but their whole solar system. You could have players defending their star sun even, because what ever weapon destroys it only works on sun / stars because of star chemical makeup in sich.

    If that's not politically correct enough you could have artificial sun makers and sich.. to make it all better again, but the players in that solar system would lose tech or planet development infrastructure damage etc..

    Oh one other thing these pesky human beings are so vein, see if you can manage player to upload their own player profile picture. or even paste it over their space craft or ship! Of course all for a nominal fee.


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  • ilikescifi ilikescifi

    You guys rock so hard! This is one of best things (yes things) i have ever downloaded! Thank you very much. Donation will follow!

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