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Star Fleets

Star Supremacy offers players a unique ship assembly mode which includes many different kinds of spaceship. Players can design their own unique ships, from the smallest aircraft through to the most powerful warship. Different designs can be unlocked throughout the game, with the most formidable plans only available after extensive ship research. As well as unique player ships, there are also exclusive faction ships. The UEO has the ability to build battleships, giving them an advantage in power.

Another important aspect to the fleet system involves ship coordination and distribution. It is important for players to assign different ship types to various situations. As players research and gain more options for their fleets, it becomes more important to pay attention to fleet organisation. In addition, spaceships are not used for wars exclusively, so the research of new weapons, auxiliary modules and other bonuses design systems becomes a complex task. They all have their own advantages and disadvantages. Take the aircraft for example: fighters and interceptors all play a key role in battling bombers. However, bombers are a great threat to the largest ships, which in turn are effective against the smaller craft that are designed to combat fighters. A player’s choice of weapons and auxiliary modules also play an important role. Laser and gauss weapons have the ability to shoot down incoming missiles, but missiles allow your ships to fire at the greatest range and can take out aircraft before they even can get close enough to fight.

Learning how to coordinate and use fleets is the most important element in battle. Each spaceship and weapons have their own situations where they are used to greatest effect. The quantity of weapons and the type of modules each spaceship can carry is limited, thus players must maintain a well balanced fleet in order to have the best chance of victory.

In addition, another influential factor for a fleet is its commander. Their authority derives from their command, strategic and efficiency abilities. A high command value allows the commander to lead a grander fleet into battle with other leaders on his flanks providing extra support and capabilities in combat. Strategic ability increases the raw damage of their ship’s weapons and a good level of efficiency will reduce the fuel demands of the fleet. Choosing the right leaders to command player’s fleets to victory is very important.

For players to survive in Star Supremacy, they must maintain a powerful battle fleet. Fleets represent a player’s strength and visible presence, as well as the power they hold over their empire. With a weak fleet, player’s colonies are open to attack. However, with powerful warships, extensive research and a strategic approach, players have the potential to not only conquer and protect their own empire, but also achieve Star Supremacy.

Star Fleets at a Glance

  • Platform(s): PC
  • Developer: Barbily Game
  • Publisher: Barbily Game
  • ESRB Ratings: Rating Pending/NA