Star Wars Battlefront II


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Capturing the drama and epic conflict of Star Wars, Battlefront II brings the fight online. Attention to detail and scale make this game a joy to behold, with 16 incredible new battlefronts such as Utapau, Mustafar and the space above Coruscant, as well as the Death Star interior and Tantive IV, Princess Leia's blockade runner seen at the beginning of the original Star Wars.

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  • CloneCommanderDeviss CloneCommanderDeviss

    Are there any mods with a playable third faction? Like, Empire, Rebels, Pirates or Clones, jedi, wookies?

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  • SergIkanite SergIkanite

    I think someone should make a ringo vinda map, it'd be so cool!

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  • kingrexy kingrexy

    Okay, I have a very ugly in some of my maps that wasn't there before. My Naboo and Mygeeto maps don't appear when you chose the units or side you want. Instead the background is just black and there are no command posts present in the map's map.

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  • kingrexy kingrexy

    hello? HELLOOOOO? *cricket noises play* I AM THE ONLY PERSON LEFT IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!!!

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