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Star Wars: Battlefront

DICE Has “Creative Freedom” Over Star Wars: Battlefront


Outside of the core films themselves, some of the most memorable and successful Star Wars titles have been licensed video…

EA Teases Details on ‘New’ BioWare Project Coming at E3 2014

mass effect citadel thumb

We’ve got some insight into what EA’s got on tap for E3, and also some idle speculation based on vague allusions.

EA Canada Working on Open World Star Wars Game?


It was bad. I’m talking the-Empire-taking-over-the-galaxy bad. The prequel movies, starring one of the worst actors ever seen on film,…

A Look Back at Our Favorite LucasArts Games. What Are Yours?


LucasArts may be gone, but their games remain.

Star Wars: Battlefront Files Rumored Hidden In Operation Raccoon City


I checked, and this doesn’t appear to be an April Fool’s joke.

Star Wars: Battlefront at a Glance