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Extract the balance_mod folder into the Mods folder directory. Shortcuts should work if your FoC is installed in the default directory. v0.6 SPACE SKIRMISH Nerfs: - Acclamator price increased from 2350 to 2400. (v0.4) - B-wing ion cannons removed. (v0.4) - Consortium Diamond Boron Turret build time increased from 20 to 23 seconds. (v0.6) - Consortium Diamond Boron Turret health reduced from 1000 to 900. (v0.6) - Consortium Diamond Boron Turret projectiles per volley reduced from 4 to 3. (v0.6) - Consortium Magnetic Sealing upgrade removed. (v0.4) - IG-2000's shield points halved. (v0.2) - Kedable Shield Leech drain damage multiplier decreased from 150% to 50%. (v0.6) - Kedable Shield Leech drain rate decreased from 100 sp/sec to 25 sp/sec. (v0.6) - Skipray's ion cannon replaced with laser cannon. (v0.3) - Star Viper buzzdroid's damage delayed by 1.8 seconds and slightly decreased. (v0.5) - Tartan cruiser price increased from 1700 to 1800. (v0.6) Buffs: - All starbases' special weapon

[UNOFFICIAL] FoC Balance Patch v0.6

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