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is a map for JKA (JK3, or jedi academy, call it as you want). it has some features like flayable mini-tie fighters, and a bot spawner. STORY: In the future, corporations/syndicates take the control of the world. then they fight a war one against the other,with advanced weapons and remote-controlled cyborgs until one prevail on all....the EUROCORP. now are many years that EUROCORP has absolute control, high rank executives of EUROCORP have at theyr disposition a "croteus" class airship, able to fight in space in case of war, with a control center for cyborg operations and even a fighter wing. it has also luxury living quarters, to accomodate executive and his fellowship. this ships can be seen travel in space, underwater and in the city skyes, and when not used they are docked at EUROCORP buildings, like in this case.

Euro Syndicate

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