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Star Wars: The Old Republic

Control Your PC with Your Smartphone with the ROCCAT Power-Grid


PC gaming isn’t dying; it’s getting a hell of a lot better.

ROCCAT Reveals Savu, King of Optical Mice


Hail to the King, baby.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Patch 1.2 To Adjust Space Ports, Other Stuff

old republic gunslinger thumb

BioWare is working on a few nice changes.

SWTOR’s Success Drives HeroEngine To 5,000 Licenses


That’s a lot of licenses!

Huttball Strategy Guide


Let’s play Huttball!

What’s Wrong with PvP in SWTOR


Or is the better question, “What isn’t?”

SWTOR 1.2 Update to Bring Dual Spec, UI Improvements, and Legacy Races


Target of target is coming.

LEGO Star Wars Renewed for Ten More Years



SWTOR By the Numbers: 20 Billion NPCs Killed, 1.7 Million Active Subs


How many parsecs of Kessel Run have there been? Inquiring minds want to know.

SWTOR Patch 1.1.1 is Live — Here Are the Changes

old republic thumb

Hooray, bug fixes.

SWTOR: Republic Fleet Datacron Location – +10 To All Stats


Discover the most secret Datacrons in the Republic, with a +10 bonus to your every stat.

SWTOR: Companion Gift Guide


It’s always the season for giving in the Star Wars Universe.

SWTOR: Mounts Guide


Speed up! Find where and how to purchase mounts in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

This Gaming Station is Definitely Not an Aperture Science Testing Apparatus (But It Is Cool) (PIC)

emperor gaming station thumb

And it’s an affordable $45,000. Just clear a spot for it by your desk. No big deal.

TOR Patch Fixes Ability Delay


I sense a great correction in the Force.

SWTOR: Imperial Agent Companions Guide


Every sniper needs a spotter.

SWTOR: Sith Inquisitor Companions Guide


[Obvious Joke Incoming] Nobody expects the Sith Inquisition! [Obvious Joke Complete]

SWTOR: Sith Warrior Companions Guide


The Dark Side doesn’t have to be lonely.

SWTOR: Bounty Hunter Companions Guide


No disintegrations.

SWTOR: Special Companions Guide


Not every companion is class specific in The Old Republic.

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Star Wars: The Old Republic at a Glance

  • Platform(s): PC
  • Genre: MMO
  • Developer: Bioware
  • Publisher: LucasArts
  • ESRB Ratings: Teen
  • Release Date: December 20, 2011