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Starcraft 2

New MLG Season Begins Jan 31 with SC2



Top 10 Video Game Music Alarm Clocks


Snooze button? What Snooze button?

MLG Doing Well, to the Tune of 3.6 Million Viewers Per Event


That’s good news for… somebody.

Watch This SC2 Battlecruiser Time Lapse Video


Because it is awesome.

Get Starcraft II for Half Off For Black Friday



SteelSeries Partnering with Major League Gaming (MLG)


Two things you love, now in one. Like peanut butter and chocolate.

20 Awesome Video-Game Themed Pumpkins


Check out this hoard of Horde gourds.

Holy Crap; Best Fan-Made StarCraft Cinematic EVER (Video)


I just had a geekgasm.

Blizzcon 2011: The Final Game of the Starcraft 2 Invitational – IMMvp vs Nestea (VIDEO)

immvp 10-22-2011

ZvT for $50,000. It doesn’t get any better.

Blizzcon 2011: New StarCraft 2 Units Seen At Blizzcon


Be still, my Zerg rushing heart!

Go Play StarCraft Universe’s PvP Test

starcraft universe thum

The StarCraft II mod that turns it into an MMO can now be played on

Blizzcon 2011: All Our Coverage in One Place


Blizzard’s convention kicks off tomorrow. We’re there.

5 Questions We Want Answered at Blizzcon 2011

starcraft 2 kerrigan thumb

We’re heading to Anaheim this weekend for all things Blizzard. Here’s what we’re hoping to know by Sunday.

BlizzCon 2011 Primer: History of BlizzCon in Photos


Costumes. Lots of costumes.

Who Says Zerg are Underpowered? (VIDEO)

zerg 10-12-2011

Blot out the sun!

Foo Fighters to Play BlizzCon This Year (WHOO!)

foo fighters thumb

Dave Grohl returns to Blizzard’s convention, but this time he brings his own band.

HipHopGamer Talks to MLG’s Slasher (LINK)


This is so money and doesn’t even know it.

Gaze At The Star Supremacy – Closed Beta Preview Trailer


They really, really want to remind you of another RTS franchise set in space. I wish I knew which one…

StarCraft 2 Pros Are Streaming for Charity


They’ve collectively raised over $20,000.

StarCraft 2 Patch 1.4.0 Now Available on PTR


Players, start your griping.

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Starcraft 2 at a Glance

  • Platform(s): PC
  • Genre: STRATEGY
  • Developer: Blizzard Entertainment
  • Publisher: Vivendi Universal Games (VU Games)
  • ESRB Ratings: Teen
  • Release Date: July 27, 2010