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Starcraft 2

Blizzard: StarCraft 2 Marketplace A ‘Failure’


This is kind of like when people say their biggest flaw is that they’re too ‘hardworking’.

Blizzard: No Plans For StarCraft MMO


This will satisfy no one.

For Obama’s Birthday: 5 PC Games Guaranteed To Improve His Presidency


Yes we can… play these games.

Activision Blizzard Cannot Confirm A Diablo 3 2011 Release

Diablo III_beta_Monk taking off some headsROSS

And they didn’t add ‘or deny’.

Blizzard on StarCraft 2 Balance: We Just Have Too Many Good Terran Units


Dustin Browder said it. Case closed.

StarCraft 2 North American Invitational


KiWiKaKi, SeleCT, IdrA, and five others vie for their share of a $20,000+ prize pool.

Watch A Korean Sketch Comedy Show’s StarCraft 2 Sketch


Um, what?

StarCraft MMO Mod Trailer Released


Intense boss battles.

TeamLiquid to Host StarCraft 2 Pro Players Lounge at MLG Anaheim


Ask your favorite pro players anything on Reddit throughout the MLG weekend.

Not One but TWO Global StarCraft 2 Tournaments at BlizzCon This Year

starcraft thumb

The best players in the world will be pummeling each others’ marines in a live stream for your enjoyment.

StarCraft 2 Region Linking: North and Latin America, Europe and Russia, Korea and Taiwan


One step closer to obliterating the regional boundaries.

PuMa Wins StarCraft 2 NASL Grand Finals, $50,000


PuMa beats the best Protoss player in the world with multi-pronged drop tactics and surgical EMP play. Mobile Authenticator for Windows Phone 7 Devices


Stop LulzSec from stealing your phat lewt.

Kotaku Insults eSports — PC Gamer Presents Rebuttal


PC Gamer knocks down Kotaku’s irreverent article with the diplomacy and class that Kotaku’s article lacked.

StarCraft 2 Tournament Roster: Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Dropbox, Zynga and Yelp


Nine tech giants will compete in the ultimate gamer showdown.

StarCraft 2 Ladder Season Ends July 5; New Season Begins July 19


Use up your remaining bonus pool while you still can!

Diggity on eSports: StarCraft 2, League of Legends, NASL Finals (Interview)


Veteran eSports commentator Diggity offers his thoughts on two of the biggest games in eSports, the establishment of a sustainable North American pro league, and his predictions for the NASL finals.

Diggity: Be a Fan of the Game, Not of a Player/Caster


Veteran eSports commentator Diggity gives his thoughts on why the tendency for viewers to follow casters and players rather than the game itself can be detrimental to the scene’s growth.

Diggity: IdrA is Great for the eSports Scene


Veteran eSports commentator Diggity gives his thoughts on why IdrA and his rage-quit tendencies are great for the StarCraft 2 eSports scene. GG.

Diggity: League of Legends Is Growing Interest in eSports


In this excerpt from our interview with veteran eSports commentator Diggity, he gives his thoughts on why League of Legends is so popular on the eSports scene.

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Starcraft 2 at a Glance

  • Platform(s): PC
  • Genre: STRATEGY
  • Developer: Blizzard Entertainment
  • Publisher: Vivendi Universal Games (VU Games)
  • ESRB Ratings: Teen
  • Release Date: July 27, 2010