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Super Mario Galaxy 2

An Evening With iam8bit: Custom Consoles, Retro Renditions & Art

iam8bit Entertainment System 140x

Awesome video game-inspired art within!

Gorgeous Woman Cosplays Mario [PIC]


She had to grow her mustache for months! Just kidding.

Mario Motorcyclist Travels in Style


He’s a highway star!

What Mario And Luigi Look Like When Rendered In the Unreal Engine

mario unreal

This is pretty shocking.

Wave Goodbye to Moustached Game Characters – Movember is Over Today


Quick — someone come up with a facial-hair moniker for December.

What Mario Would Look Like Without a Moustache (PIC)


It’s-a me, Ario!

24 Awesome and/or Hilarious Video Game Halloween Costumes

oh f--k

It’s time.

5 Celebrities Who Have Mario’s Exact Moustache (Graphic)


Well, maybe not “exact.”

Ever Wonder Why Mario is Willing to Risk Fiery Death for Princess Peach? (PIC)(Probably NSFW)

peach nsfw small thumb

It’s not because he’d like to be prince of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Why Talk Of a HD Nintendo Console Almost Makes Me Sad


The Wii’s greatest setback was also its greatest strength, and I’ll mourn its passing.

Report: Nintendo to Announce New HD Console at E3

nintendo logo

It’s about time, I say.

The Best Live-Action Mario Film You Could Ever Imagine (VIDEO)


I s–t you not. You need to watch this IMMEDIATELY.

2010 Video Game Gift Guide


When you deliver your list of holiday demands, choose from this list.

20 Scary Cosplays (PICS) (SPOOOOOOOKY)

Sander Cohen

In honor of Halloween, which has already happened. Shut up.

10 Ill-Advised Video Game Tattoos (LIST)

game over

Hey, this may not the most original post ever, but then again, every day someone gets a new bad tattoo. Here are 10 of worst.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Sells a Million in the US


Super Mario Galaxy 2 sells a solid 1 million units in the U.S. How did it do that?…

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Walkthrough

Super Mario Galaxy 2

The universe is a big place, and Mario’s got a staggering number of stars to collect. Don’t miss a single…

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Banker Toad Items

Collecting Star Bits is the name of the game in Super Mario Galaxy 2, and the Banker Toad that resides…

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Cheats

Need help navigating the wacky world of Super Mario Galaxy 2? We’ve got a page chock full of cheats, tips,…

Super Mario Galaxy 2 at a Glance

  • Platform(s): Wii
  • Developer: Nintendo
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • ESRB Ratings: Everyone
  • Release Date: May 23, 2010