Super Smash Flash 2

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Saiyans Goku Black Fused Zamasu Bardock Goku Tsukutsun Tsun Man-Wolf Piccolo Annin Ginger Nicky Sansho Garlic Jr. Gohan Princess Snake Vegeta Zarbon Frieza Spice Vinegar Lord Slug Cooler Meta-Cooler[2] Android 13 Broly Hatchiyack Cell Kogu Bojack Caterpy Goten Trunks Gotenks Majin Buu Bio-Broly Janemba Hirudegarn Leader Demigra Mutchy Luud Super Mega Cannon Sigma General Rilldo Baby Rage Shenron Oceanus Shenron Naturon Shenron Nuova Shenron Syn Shenron Ganos

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