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System Shock 2

System Shock 2 blends science fiction role-playing with first-person gameplay.

After joining the military, you thought you’d be part of history joining the crew of the USS Von Braun, the first ship capable of faster-than-light speed. But something hideous has awakened on the ship and you emerge from your cryogenic chamber to a world gone mad. Decapitated teammates line the hallways, insane scrawls written in blood are left on the walls and hideous hybrid creatures roam the ship in search of meat. This is one day where you should have stayed in bed.

Master a variety of psionic skills, from kinetic redirection to pyrokenesis. Update your cybernetic OS through a series of upgrade terminals scattered around the ship. Wield dangerous and experimental weaponry as you do battle with the last living remnants of the Von Braun, and discover that something called Shodan is back…and wants revenge.

System Shock 2 at a Glance