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Take On Helicopters - the brand new helicopter game from independent developers Bohemia Interactive, creators of the award-winning mil-sim series Arma 2. Built upon over 10 years of experience, Take On Helicopters immerses players within expansive landscapes and an authentic flight model for the complete helicopter-gaming experience.

#arma3 1.76.143044 multiple crash & stability fixes - v03 PERFORMANCE binaries server & client Forums.bistudio.com

Sep 22 2017 by foltynd

RT @dayzdevteam: Want to see the 0.63 DEMO at EGX? Meet us at 2pm in front of hall 6!@BatyAlquawen and @RaptorM60 are looking forwar… T.co

Sep 22 2017 by bohemiainteract

RT @projectargogame: Update 1.04 - Respawn Rework is live! Check out the changelog: Projectargo.net T.co

Sep 21 2017 by foltynd

RT @maruksp: I can not stop listening to the amazing live orchestra #Arma3 recordings Youtube.com Kudos to the team that made it happen!

Sep 21 2017 by bohemiainteract

RT @Arma3official: SITREP #00202! FROM: High Command / TO: #Arma3 Users / PRECEDENCE: Flash Dev.arma3.com T.co

Sep 19 2017 by foltynd

RT @Shooter339: @IvanBuchta @Arma3official @projectargogame Awesome. Will definitely get one! Heres my Wall so far :) Also can u sp… T.co

Sep 18 2017 by bohemiainteract

RT @natgeowild: A marine biologist captured footage of a green sea turtle enjoying a stinging mealβ€”a jellyfish. T.co

Sep 16 2017 by foltynd

RT @humble: The Humble community has now raised over $100,000,000 for charity! πŸŽ‰ See how you've made a positive impact on the w… T.co

Sep 16 2017 by foltynd

RT @CassiniSaturn: A bittersweet farewell to a mission that changed our view of the solar system: Go.nasa.gov #GrandFinale… T.co

Sep 16 2017 by foltynd

Half of our net revenue from direct #Arma3LawsOfWar DLC sales in 2017 will be donated to @ICRC. The total amount wi… T.co

Sep 15 2017 by bohemiainteract

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  • darkelf1 darkelf1


  • Maggy_ Maggy_ Subscriber

    I'm big fan of helicopters. Thanks BI for making this game <3

  • cinco cinco


    nice ****** google map textures and no noise or bump map. cheap *** wannabe heli sim

  • euanj321 euanj321

    That is one smexy game

  • sashusambar sashusambar

    Will the hind dlc comes here too?

  • kiler644 kiler644

    i buy full wersion XD

  • jarl.arntzen jarl.arntzen

    Does not install at all....*cries*.

    21:18 Failed to parse MCF file, removing it: Only part of the file could be read [5.0]
    21:18 Error in MCF validate: Failed to write. HDD is full [4.112]
    21:18 There was an error during the validation process and it has been stopped.: Failed to write. HDD is full [4.112]

    But, but... the hd isn't full. It's got 9.6 GB free..

    • sashusambar sashusambar

      i got the game on steam. it needs about 16 gb! even if in the descipiton stands 8. please make room on your hdd and i hope it work for you! :-)

    • lozzer22 lozzer22

      Its a 19.5GB game, you fail dude.