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Team Fortress 2

Live-Action Team Fortress 2 Looks Amazing


Honestly. I’m not even biased.

Like Solid Snake, TF2 Player Uses Porn to Distract Enemies and Murder Them (VIDEO)

tf 2 boobies thumb

Remember, men — we’re here for war, not breasts.

Meet the Medic, Who Will Be Saving Your Ass in Team Fortress 2 (TRAILER)

team fortress 2 medic thumb

“Let’s go practice medicine.”

Team Fortress 2 is Free to Play


It seems like just yesterday I was purchasing my brand-new copy of The Orange Box and playing Team Fortress 2…

Gabe Newell Has The Perfect Solution For Online Gaming Trolls


Call it the ‘being an jerk surcharge’.

Steam To Get Video Recording and Filmmaker Tools Soon


A lucky Steam user gives out the goods on his visit to Valve HQ.

Shogun 2 Has Team Fortress 2 Pre-order Bonuses!


Sport a top-knot underneath your gasmask!

GDC11: Steam Coming to TVs

achievements tab

Valve hasn’t said how it works, though.

10 Absolute Greatest Gamer Freakouts (LIST)

gamer freakout thumb

I searched through YouTube literally all day to bring you these phenomenal displays of obsession and frustration. Your anger gives you power — let the hate flow through you.

10 Christmas-Themed Game Spinoffs


Puns abound in this list!

Is This a Troll or an Awkward Homebody Playing TF2? (VIDEO)


Either way, this is funny as hell just because of how awkward it makes everybody act.

What’s Your Gamer Alignment?


Are you a lawful good player who reports evildoers, or are you the Chaotic Evil player committing them?

Huge Payday For Team Fortress 2 Community Contributors

Mann Co Store

Valve seriously made it rain for the 5 people who contributed original content to the TF2 Peer to Peer marketplace. I think this is what resounding success looks like.

Epic Gaming Papercraft


Well executed papercraft is a secret pleasure of mine, and is feeding my obsession with some of the best gaming-related papercraft you’ve ever seen.

A Lionhead Animator Applies To Valve With ‘Dance Fortress’ 2


This video featuring Team Fortress 2 characters dancing to C&C Music Factory is the greatest resume since Leonardo Da Vinci begged the Duke of Milan for a job.

Team Forty K Mashes Up TF2, WH40K, My Pants


Via GossipGamers comes this amazing Team Fortress 2 mod by a guy calling himself Mr. Populus. Yes, best name ever….

Team Fortress 2 Meets Dancing with the Stars


I have always been entertained by the character dances in World of Warcraft. I can’t say that I’ve ever wondered…

Huge TF2 Engineer Update Live On Steam Now!

Team Fortress 2 players, get updating. The massive Engineer Update is live on Steam and ready to go. The update…

Third Day of TF2 Engineer Update Reveals New Payload Map

It’s the third day of Team Fortress 2′s Engineer Update. We’ve already seen a new melee weapon and shotgun, as…

Valve Reveals More Engineer Goodies With The Wrangler

Well, since we were talking about the Team Fortress 2 Engineer Update yesterday, we should really bring you the latest…

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Team Fortress 2 at a Glance

  • Platform(s): Mac, PC
  • Developer: Valve
  • Publisher: Valve
  • ESRB Ratings: Mature
  • Release Date: Oct 10, 2007