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The Evil Within Tokyo Game Show Trailer Brings the Horror


The newest trailer for The Evil Within shows off several of the game’s intense moments in a super cut of…

The Evil Within Release Bumped Up, Quake Live Coming to Steam

evil within preview thumb

October will see an overload of big game releases, but at least one — The Evil Within — will hit…

The Evil Within Delayed Until October


T he Evil Within will be releasing in North America on October 21st. The new launch date was revealed this…

The Evil Within Hands-On Preview: The Lost Spiritual Successor

evil within hands on preview thumb

Every time I’ve seen The Evil Within in action up to now — always in hands-off video demos — I’ve…

The Boxman Strikes in New The Evil Within Trailer


Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami is taking off the kid gloves. That’s my initial impression after watching the creepy gruesome…

Dog Days of Horror: The Evil Within Gets a Release Date


Special Valentine’s Day shout out to Shinji Mikami. The Resident Evil creator holds a special place in my gaming heart….

Instant Trailer Review: The Evil Within


The Game: The Evil Within The Makers: Publisher Bethesda and developer Tango Gameworks, which is led by Executive Producer Shinji…

Shinji Mikami Says Japanese Developers Are Too Risk Averse


Shinji Mikami had a lot to say about Japanese game development philosophies.

The Evil Within Preview: The Spirit of Resident Evil 4 Returns

evil within preview thumb

Shinji Mikami’s new game feels a lot like one of his best old ones. That’s both a high standard to meet and a tough one to escape.

The Evil Within at a Glance