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The Lord of the Rings Online: Mines of Moria

Man Dressed as “High-Elf” Arrested for Attacking Car


An Oregon man has been arrested for attacking a woman’s car while dressed as an elf. The man in question…

LOTRO Announces New Class In Next Update


Arriving in a future update, LOTRO will introduce a new class called the Beorning. Aaron Campbell, executive producer of Lord…

Can LotRO’s Helm’s Deep Bring Fresh Blood to the MMO?


The battle you’ve been waiting for. The needlessly complex progression systems you’ve been dreading.

Defend Helm’s Deep in LOTRO in November


Turbine treated us to an extended sneak peek at its upcoming The Lord of the Rings Online expansion, Helm’s Deep,…

Lord of the Rings Online’s Helm’s Deep Expansion Sneak Peek


One of the definitive battles of the trilogy is teased by Turbine.

LotRO Twitter Dev Chat Reveals Update 11 & Expansion Details


Hints to what’s next in LotRO.

LotRO 2013 Game Plan Includes Long-Awaited Helm’s Deep


Who’s ready to get their dwarf tossing on?

Lord of the Rings Online Content Updates Announced for 2013


Turbine plans to add new content to The Lord of the Rings Online early this year.

Why MMO Crafting Sucks & 5 Ways To Fix It


Developers can craft experiences, but they can’t craft crafting.

LotRO’s Update 9 Launches with Hobbit-themed Goodness


All roads lead to Benedict Cumberbatch, uh, I mean Smaug.

LotRO’s Riders of Rohan Review: Mounted Combat Done Right


The Riders of Rohan expansion breathes new life into LotRO.

Lord of the Rings Online Announces Hobbit-themed Content

Lord of the Ring Online's mounted combat

Just in time for second breakfast.

Yes, Virginia, Even MMOs Have Black Friday Sales


/roll on the these Black Friday deals

Lord of the Rings Online Patch 8.1 Tweaks Cooperative Killing Feature

Lord of the Ring Online's mounted combat

The new mounted combat system stampedes over LotRO’s anti-kill stealing mechanic. Yeehaw.

Turbine Slapped With Patent Infringement Suit


Ruh ROh.

The Hobbit Films Are Getting Two F2P MMOs


No word on whether they’ll be as bloated as the movies.

Watch The LOTRO Developer Diary ‘Epic Story’


Rally to me you crazy bastards.

LotRO: Riders of Rohan Beta Key Giveaway


Grab your beta key right here.

Skyrim ‘Middle Earth’ Mod Hit With Cease & Desist from Warner Bros.

middle earth roleplay project thumb

Kinda surprised nobody saw this coming.

LOTR: Riders Of Rohan Delayed To October 15


So reschedule your appointments.

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The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar at a Glance

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