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The Walking Dead: The Game

Steam Thanksgiving Sale Kicks Off with 50% Off Walking Dead

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This weekend, stuff your face and empty your wallet.

Walking Dead Episode 5 Trailer Promises a Rough Ending

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This trailer will get you excited.

The Walking Dead: Episode 5 Walkthrough


Extend your life with the Walking Dead: Episode 5 game guide.

Walking Dead Episode 5 Gets a Solid Release Date

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It all comes to an end next week.

Walking Dead Trailer Shows Players’ Moral Choices in Ep. 4

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See what choices everyone else made.

Walking Dead: The Game Collector’s Edition Coming to GameStop

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Grab the game, get some comics.

The Walking Dead: Episode 4 Review

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Telltale skillfully builds on everything that came before as we move toward the end of the season.

PSA: Walking Dead Ep. 4 on PSN Today; Steam, Xbox Wednesday

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Have to wait just a little while longer.

Stats For Walking Dead Ep. 3′s Awful Choices Broken Down


It’s brutal.

The Walking Dead: Episode 4 Walkthrough


The walking dead lurch on, and so continues our apocalyptic survival guide.

The Walking Dead Episode 4 Trailer Shambles Onto The Web



Cower In Terror At The Walking Dead Episode 3 Trailer



How Telltale’s The Walking Dead Makes You Think of the Children


Crafting the perfect child character.

The Walking Dead: Episode 3 Review

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Telltale’s comic-based horror title continues to impress. Could this be Game of the Year?

The Walking Dead: Episode 3 Walkthrough


Don’t walk this long road alone.

And Now, Deets On The Walking Dead FPS


Grrahahhhh Uuuuhghghghhhhhhh Braaaaaains.

The Walking Dead FPS Has Gruesome Swag


String of Ears

Telltale Planning Additional Walking Dead Titles

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If they’re as good as this one has been so far, then yes. Yes please.

Activision Reveals The Walking Dead FPS


Awesome! We don’t have nearly enough zombie games.

Expect The Walking Dead Episode 3 ‘Middle of August’

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Telltale is hoping to avoid the problems it had with the launch of Episode 2.

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The Walking Dead: The Game at a Glance

  • Platform(s): Playstation 3
  • Genre: ADVENTURE
  • Developer: Telltale Games
  • Publisher: Telltale Games
  • ESRB Ratings: Mature