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Welcome to a world that knows no mercy — none is received, and none is given. Only physical and mental agility can keep you alive, though they are by no means a guarantor of life. You play the role of Geralt, an already legendary monster-slayer — but this, my friend, is not a gift, and is certainly not given lightly. “The Witcher” is an immense computer game. Within its realm, you will have to assume the burden of choice. And this burden of choice, as light as it may appear, is the very thing that will both permit you to wield influence over the fate of the world, as well as get you slain prematurely.

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Relief by Height: 132 cm

Jan 16 2018

Godling Sara: Pipopolam Corine Tilly: Elena Samko Cosplay ( Photos: Kseniya Rogutenok (…

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'Witchers don't kill dragons' diorama by Tico's Minis (

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Vadim of Wyzima (self-created Wolf School witcher): Bjørn Wagner ( Photos: Sandra Stramond…

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  • Hatboy102 Hatboy102

    Does anyone know how to rip models from this game?

    0 +
  • Madalin969 Madalin969

    i dont find the combat system complicated at all but i simply dont like it because it prevents me from enjoying the game properily...otherwise the game is awesome(excuse bad english)

    4 +
  • Kfyatec Kfyatec

    The best RPG ever made. Amazing world, characters, locations, monsters, story everything in this game is epic. Books are great too. Andrzej Sapkowski is good writer like John Ronald Reuel Tolkien.

  • geokes geokes

    £3.25 on steam, finally can play this :D

  • Lightzout Lightzout

    I am loving the game. Any of these mods stand the test of time?

    2 +

    LOVED this game and still loving it,its "moral" system is the only one that really works. Also combat is real good. (The game´s engine is NWN2´s and still they managed to make an extremely original combat system)

    4 +
  • Sanjuaro Sanjuaro

    I decided to try this title out awhile back and I was kind of liking it at first until I got into combat. The combat system is hardly my cup of tea.

    3 +
  • Frozencloud Frozencloud

    The Witcher 2 : Assassins of Kings.

    Holy **** that was amazing.

    4 +
    • hardcoregamer24 hardcoregamer24

      i agree the second one will be amazing cant wait till it comes out though. :)

      2 +