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Garrett, a master thief who has been away from his hometown for a long time, returns to the City and finds it ruled over by a tyrant known as the Baron. While the City is infested by a plague and the rich continue to live in good fortune, Garrett plans to change or exploit the status quo.

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Our Sr Concept Artist @NivanhChanthara will hold a masterclass in digital art @PromisedLandAF, this Sept in Poland!…

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How writers, narrative designers, artists and other departments can unite on their storytelling objectives:…

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We're looking for programmers to come work in a small team and develop our new UI system!

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  • *Diamond3D* *Diamond3D*

    If square enix release the editor for this title i could join together all the maps , making a platinum edition of this,...maybe modify the blackjack for make it works like thief 1, add swimmable water . but noghing , even the editor will be released . unaccettable . se let's fix the monster

    2 +
  • Pisstaker_General Pisstaker_General

    Garbage. What did you do to my favorite childhood franchise?! You took the **** out of it and now, I'll take the **** out of you!

    3 +
  • Half-Rats Half-Rats

    Not a SINGLE utterance of the word "Taffer" in any variation.

    5 +
  • Sorbitar Sorbitar

    Review for Thief:

    • TheUnbeholden TheUnbeholden

      The best review out there is the one from Sneaky Bastards (those guys who specialise in reviewing stealth based games) they basically analyse every aspect of the game to explain why its a objectively bad game in the stealth genre (and not just a ****** story which is rather subjective even when you someone says it feels like several stories clumped hastily together):

      3 +
  • TheUnbeholden TheUnbeholden

    ooo thief 4 has a focus mode... Look how awesome Thief 2 would've been if only LGS had incorporated a form of Focus!

    3 +
  • Hidamari Hidamari

    well they already got rid of the one thing fans of the series absolutely didnt want changing, and that was the voice of garrett, so... i dont really have high hopes for this.

  • moddlord1 moddlord1

    waz up! hope this becomes great.

    2 +
  • gabrieloup gabrieloup

    Hope it dosent become another ******** reboot like DMC.

    4 +