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Private Matches Coming to Titanfall Today


Taking down an ejecting pilot in Titanfall is akin to Robin Hood’s splintered-arrow bull’s eye. Now do that 50 times…

Titanfall Matchmaking Changes Go Live for Selected Game Modes


Respawn has rolled out a number of changes to Titanfall’s matchmaking system. The new tweaks were announced last week in…

Respawn Announces Titanfall Matchmaking Changes


Respawn has plans to update Titanfall’s matchmaking system to make better use of player skill data. The studio announced the…

Respawn: Free New Gameplay Modes Coming to Titanfall


Even with its massive mech action, Titanfall feels a little slim on content. We already knew Respawn would attempt to…

GameFront Podcast 20: Assassin’s Creed, WildStar

wildstar thumb

We’re back with a new podcast and a full roster of GameFront folks, including, for the first time, Editor-in-Chief Janelle Bonanno!

Titanfall 2 May Not Be a Microsoft Exclusive


Titanfall 2 will be published by Electronic Arts. At least that’s what sources close to the publisher have indicated. While…

Titanfall for Xbox 360 Delayed Until April

Titanfall 360

Titanfall’s Xbox 360 version has been postponed until April 11th. The delay, according to Electronic Arts, is to give Bluepoint…

Titanfall Launch Boosts Xbox One Sales 96% in the UK


It’s the games, stupid. James Carville’s famous quote about the impact of the economy on voters is also perfectly suited…

Titanfall Review: Fun That Falls Short of the Hype


There’s often a singular joy in some of Titanfall’s best moments. Leaping into the air as a Pilot, skimming a…

Respawn Says Titanfall Cheaters Will Be “Rooted Out Shortly”


Respawn Entertainment is tracking Titanfall cheaters. Titanfall launched on PC and Xbox One on March 11th and, for days now,…

Titanfall: PC Crash, Installation & Connectivity Issues Help Guide


Learn how to deal with some official issues in Titanfall on PC.

How to Use the Xbox One Controller on Your PC


You can now hook up your Xbox One controller to your PC and play games, courtesy of a modder named…

Major Nelson: Xbox Live Sign-In Issues Not Related to Titanfall

titanfall thumb

Players can’t sign in to play Titanfall on Xbox One, but Microsoft says it’s working on the issue.

Overnight Patch Leads Titanfall To Smooth PC Launch

titanfall 3 thumb

After a rocky first hour, Titanfall seems to be doing pretty well on launch day.

Free the Frontier in Live-Action Titanfall Clip


As we noted yesterday, Respawn and Playfight plan to translate the man-on-mech battles of Titanfall into live-action. Surprise, surprise, as…

Titanfall: How to Level Up Fast – Beginner’s Guide


Start leveling up and unlocking with our quick Titanfall beginner’s guide.

Having Trouble With Titanfall on PC? Respawn Working On It

titanfall big thumb

Having trouble with Titanfall at launch? Seems like you’re not alone.

Respawn Launches Site Teasing “Original” Titanfall Story Content

Titanfall Countdown

Respawn Entertainment is readying a “live action epic” based in the Titanfall universe. The project, which was revealed via a…

Titanfall Digital Release Outlined, Pre-Loading Ready for PC


Titans will finally drop from the sky tomorrow (for many of us, anyway), and if you’ll be picking up a…

Game Front Podcast Episode 19: Thief, Titanfall, and More


The GameFront Podcast returns! Things have been a little crazy around the GameFront volcano lair the past couple of weeks….

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Titanfall at a Glance

  • Platform(s): XBox Live, Xbox One
  • Genre: SHOOTER
  • Developer: REspawn Entertainment
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts Inc
  • ESRB Ratings: Mature