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v3.2 Additions Another small update. Mainly just fixing some visual things with the M4. Not really worth realesing on its own, so I added a new pistol to the mix. Heckler and Koch’s Mk23. Socom .45ACP. A little heavier then the pistols provided in the game, but with more stopping power. Also added some new ScarL / H sounds thanks to a video of FNH weapons training provided by Arethusa. Hk Mk.23 SOCOM .45 ACP ·12 round mag .45acp ·single fire mode pistol ·sounds taken and tweaked from Ghost Recon ·standard suppressor attachment M4A1 / M16A4 ·adjusted the barrel size of the M4 to line up better ·adjusted the front sight of both weapons Aimpoint & ACOG ·scaled the Aimpoint up slightly .increased the zoom of the ACOG Scar L / H ·increased the damage of the Scar H ·added new sounds for both weapons ·if you want to use the old Scar sounds, just delete these from the mod folder after installation v3.1 Additions This is a small update to address a few minor issues. The reticle for...

Brettzies M4 mod v3.2 Graw

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