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Towns brings a fresh new take on the city building/management genre by introducing many RPG features.

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#CatalanReferendum Spain or Catalonia, doesn't matter. government won't give a shit about you anyway. what is this freedom?

Oct 1 2017 by burningpet

RT @RubinReport: Hey @danarel, since I know how desperately you want attention here's the tweet you just deleted. Be proud of what y…

Aug 4 2017 by burningpet

RT @TonyGuoga: The more I investigate the more I love @NEMofficial. Surely this is the best, transparent crypto. Inviting @NEMofficial to @SwitchVilnius

Aug 2 2017 by burningpet

RT @omriceren: "You guys, there's literally no way we can put a negative spin on Israelis curing cancer" NARRATOR: BUT THEN ONE J…

May 28 2017 by burningpet

RT @HawkersCo: Hoy es el último día para presentar diseños de las #Hawkers en @forocoches Venga va, animaos!! #roto2 #HawkersLaLia

Mar 21 2017 by xavicanal

RT @omriceren: This - predictably - is echo chamber nonsense. In 2013 Iran was on brink of collapse. Even smugglers had stopped a…

Feb 2 2017 by burningpet

RT @kishkushkay: The Pope says, build bridges not walls. Meanwhile in Vatican City…

Jan 29 2017 by burningpet

RT @benshapiro: Muslim Women's March Organizer Attacks Female Genital Mutilation Survivor Hirsi Ali: I Would Take Her 'Vagina Away'…

Jan 27 2017 by burningpet

RT @RubinReport: Hey @sallykohn any thoughts on this tweet by Sarsour? As I'm sure you're aware @Ayaan underwent Female Genital Muti…

Jan 27 2017 by burningpet

RT @dontcarebut: As a Saudi woman, fuck you Linda Sarsour.

Jan 26 2017 by burningpet

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