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Tribes: Ascend

Hi-Rez CEO: $30 Million Lost on Tribes: Ascend, Global Agenda


When we spoke with Hi-Rez COO Todd Harris in July, the plan was to stop development on Tribes: Ascend and…

Hi-Rez: ‘Tribes: Ascend is Profitable, but Not a Growth Vehicle’


Tribes: Ascend is dead! Long live… Tribes: Ascend! Responding to a Tribes: Ascend forum post on July 11 asking about…

Hi-Rez ‘Exploring’ Map Editor, Tools as Tribes: Ascend Updates Slow

tribes ascend 4 thumb

Hi-Rez’s Todd Harris says the developer is looking into the possibility of providing the Tribes: Ascend community with tools.

6 Great Free-to-Play FPS Games For The Discerning Player


The free-to-play FPS genre is exploding in size. Thankfully, we’ve got the details on all the really great titles.

Come Battle Game Front in Tribes: Ascend TONIGHT!

tribes ascend 1 thumb

Come wallop us and win some in-game gold!

Tribes: Ascend GOTYE Launches This Week, Machinima Trailer


One purchase unlocks everything.

Hi-Rez Slashes EXP Requirements in Tribes: Ascend

tribes ascend 1 thumb

The grind in Tribes: Ascend just got easier.

Game Front’s 2012 Arbitrary Awards


Here at Game Front, as at many outlets, we come up with our favorite games in a variety of categories…

Game Front’s Game of the Year 2012

gameoftheyearawards thumb

Game Front’s top five games of the year, plus the top 10 games as chosen by readers.

8 Great Free-To-Play Games to Start Your F2P Journey


Or, as my friend said, “I 8nt paying a cent.”

Games You Should Have Played in 2012, But Probably Didn’t

natural selection 2 12 thumb

Some great games got overshadowed this year. Time to turn the lights on.

Game Front’s 2012 Game, Indie & Mod of the Year Nominees


See our nominees, and place your vote!

What We Learned Training for a Tribes: Ascend Grudge Match

tribes ascend 1 thumb

Here are a few things we learned training to field a team of seven and not embarrass ourselves.

Game Front Takes On SyFy’s DVICE in Tribes Grudge Match (VID)

tribes ascend thumb

See the Game Front team play a game and not suck completely, just a little!

Why Facebook Games Fail: A Lack of Fun

facebook outernauts thumb

The trouble with Facebook games is that they’re designed to trick you into spending money, not to deliver fun.

Tribes: Ascend Patch Due Today Brings New Guns, Maps

tribes ascend thumb

Lots of new stuff!

Tribes: Ascend Now on Steam


Steam rises, right? So it… ascends? You can flog me now.

Stonehenge and Miasma maps Added To Tribes: Ascend



Tribes: Ascend Not Coming to Consoles


One more reason to be a PC gamer.

Why Free-to-Play Games Could Change this Industry for the Better


Waiting for the day that freemium games ‘ascend.’

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Tribes: Ascend at a Glance

  • Platform(s): PC, Xbox 360
  • Genre: ACTION
  • Developer: Hi-Rez Studios
  • Publisher: Hi-Rez Studios
  • ESRB Ratings: Rating Pending/NA
  • Release Date: TBA 2011