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Universal Combat Gold

Universal Combat Gold (UCG) is a stand-alone follow up title to the original Universal Combat game released in February 2004. It contains the full original game plus several enhancements, updates and features.

Game kernel based on the latest and vastly improved (since the original release) Universal
Combat game kernel.

This includes a majority of fixes, features, improvements etc.

Updated graphics engine; ported from DirectX 8.1 to DirectX 9.0c.

New multiplayer transport kernel based on the
ReplicaNet middleware multiplayer engine.

Support for our premium integrated multiplayer games channel with features such as chat lobby, server browser, multiplayer server clusters, auto-patching, multi-lingual chat rooms etc.

All new (sixteen) first person character models. These are lower poly versions of the same models used in the recently released Universal Combat – A World Apart, but tweaked to work with the existing Universal Combat character animation and graphics engines.

Improved planetary terrain engine.

In addition to the campaign scenario and twenty-two Instant Action scenarios from the previous Universal Combat game, UCG contains one new campaign scenario played from the perspective of the Commander or Elite Force Pilot career, sixteen new Instant Action scenarios and a 32 player multiplayer deathmatch/roam scenario.

Universal Combat Gold at a Glance

  • Platform(s): PC
  • Genre: ACTION
  • Developer: 3000 AD Team
  • Publisher: 3000AD