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Unreal Tournament 2004

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Reload. Rev up. Ride out. The ultimate sport of kill-or-be-killed is now an explosive new experience, with mind-blowing new ways to move like lightning and annihilate enemies. For the first time, pilot a formidable force of battle vehicles that tear across land, skies and deep space. Load up pulverizing new weapons. Storm across 40 never-before-seen arena maps. Move faster, fly higher, shoot further.

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  • BigLez BigLez

    Are there any Modding Tutorials for UT2004?

    Because I want to make a Half-Life Weapon Pack for it.

    And I also want to know how to make Player Models.

    • Blade_Sword Blade_Sword

      I can give you certain cluez for it.

      First you should install UDE

      This is for programming purposes.
      So you can try using current UT models as placeholders for your weapons.

      Then for modeling and animating you need to use either blender, 3ds max or maya, depending of your possibilities and likings.

      For texturing most photo editors might work as long as you use appropriate formats for the textures.

      Making weapons with hands might be easier to start because making players requires you to have a rig that corresponds to the ones of UT2004 and work seamlessly without looking wrong.

  • ⧊⥊⧖⥋⧊ ⧊⥊⧖⥋⧊

    Hey guys !

    I am a UT fan through & through and i have played this game since UT 2003 that soon was followed by UT2004 that i think is the best . Of course i started with UT 99 long ago and i got UT3 as well

    I am a lot into weapon mutators and i played with many but i would like to know if there exist more than those i know about for UT2004

    The weapon mutators i played with are : Annihilation Arsenal , Remote Strike , XMP , Evil Weapons , Rebalanced Weapons , Ballistics , Half Life weapons , Arkon 2004 , Unreal4Ever , The Ripjack , Elite Machines X , Enhanced Weapons , KBR weapons and UT3 weapons and vehicles

    Are there more weapon mutators than these ? Outside Chaos Unreal , Gunreal of course because i have them too . Any chance to have Quake/Quake III Arena , Star Trek Elite Force I/II or other weapons one day ?

    I used to remember years ago a weapon mod called X Weapons or Weapons X and another one i forgot the name where every vanilla weapon could shoot 2 or 3 projectiles with switchable ammo to use and such but i could not find them anymore in the last years

    All sources i searched led me to the well known weapons i use so i hope somebody knows a place i don't know

    • Blade_Sword Blade_Sword

      Since I can help you
      EF weapons doesn't exist as a mod for UT, I never found any. the best you can find is something close as a phaser like weapon, but nothing from these games

      For quake 3 weapons only UT 99 have something like that, even if it's not an accurate depiction of Quake 3 you can find something close to that.

      I have to say for the lase mod I don't know much about it.
      I mean many weapon mods have multiple ammo types for one or two weapons even the Unreal II port.

      In a way if people wants an elite force weapons pack, I think we need a few people and a lot of time.

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      • ⧊⥊⧖⥋⧊ ⧊⥊⧖⥋⧊

        Thanks for answering

        Any chance that these will be ported to UT2004 ? They are amazing , they are even more better quality than Ballistics for UT2004

        Ah sure . It was just a suggestion , nothing else
        I think virtually all weapons from all games out there could be brought in Unreal Tournament 2004

        What i asked however is that some sites holding mods for this game are closed like L4Y and SkinCity and some stuff that was present years ago ( perhaps more than 5 years ago back or so ) are not present in the sites holding things for UT2004 . I hope everything was backed up but i got no idea if such a site still having all of them exists

      • Blade_Sword Blade_Sword

        I don't think Nali weapons will be ported, the modder who made them is on other projects.

        Virtually, yes, but you need to get the manpower which is the harded thing to get these days.
        Even projects towards who I work to a certain degree advance very slowly now.

        I unfortunately think about L4Y not everything was backed up, because while I could find most of the stuff not everything was backed up
        For skincity you might get some stuff there
        Everything that beyond unreal used to host is here

  • #8Guest Guest

    where can i download ut 2004?

  • RedeemerEngaged RedeemerEngaged

    Just found out there is a freaking half life 2 mod (weapons, vehicles, monsters) for this game :O
    link incase anyone is interested:

  • max-damage max-damage

    Which ball based mods for UT2k4 do you know - besides CarBall and Deathball?

    Back in the days we used to play a mod / a map at our LAN parties and I've been racking my brains all day but I can't remember the name.
    The map takes place in a dark cavern / cave system where you have to take a ball from the middle of the map to a certain point on the opposite side (opposing area).

    When I’ve tried to remember something like “The Ball” crossed my mind.
    But I think my memory played a trick on me regarding this, because there’s no mod for UT2004 like “The Ball” for UT3, right?

    Which mod may have been that or perhaps it was a custom map for bombing run which matches this description?

    • Blade_Sword Blade_Sword

      Puzzle games are rare and I don't think there is anything like the ball, but there is puzzle mods even if they are very few here.