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Unreal Tournament 3

Epic’s Mark Rein Teases Unreal Tournament Announcement


An enthusiastic tweet from Epic’s Mark Rein could hint at brand new life for classic shooter Unreal Tournament. Earlier today,…

Cliff Bleszinski Wants to Make a New Arena Shooter, Not for “Kids Playing CoD”


With games like Wasteland 2, Pillars of Eternity, and Torment: Tides of Numenera, classic top-down RPGs are coming back in…

Skyrim, Portal 2, and More to Get Oculus Rift 3rd Party Support


Free, open source project.

Unreal Tournament 3 Mod: foxMod Splitscreen and AI Improvements


One PC, four players.

Cliff Bleszinski “Gestating” on New IP Codenamed Silverstreak


Wants to break from his Gears reputation.

Study: Team Gamers Less Likely To Be Jerks

halo 4 2 thumb


Epic Working on PC-Exclusive Game


Please be Unreal Tournament…

Epic Showcases NVIDIA’s Next-Gen Kepler GPU (*Drool*)


It does the work of three GTX 580s.

Renegade X: Black Dawn Coming Along, Dev Says (VIDEO)

renegade x thumb

Certainly looks good.

Epic Games Says They’re Not Working on a New Unreal Title


This news makes me sad.

How Console Gamers Get Mods (PIC)


Remember who is feeding you.

Come With Me If You Want To Play Hot Human Vs. Terminator Action


We’ll cut right to the point. We reported on FPS Terminator back in June, and finally, after month of waiting,…

FPS: Terminator; Time Travel To 2029 By Modding A Game From 2007


Videos & Audio – FPS: Terminator Mod for Unreal Tournament 3 – Mod DB File this under Oldies But Goodies…

Give in to Your Impulse With Great Buys on Games this Weekend

It’s a holiday weekend, and normally that means more time for gaming. So, what are you going to play? If…

Reviewer Tests OCZ NIA Brain-Computer Interface with UT3, CS:S

There’s an in depth review available of a retail ready model of OCZ Technology’s Neural Impulse Actuator. The NIA is…

UT3 Now Available for Xbox 360 with New Features, Exclusive Content and Never-Before-Seen Gears of War 2 Multiplayer Video

Midway Games have announced that Unreal Tournament 3, for the Xbox 360 is now available, with several new features including…

Intro to Mac Gaming 101 Video

Channel Flip is hosting a video mini series on Mac gaming. Your video host Katharine is kicking off Mac Gaming…

ChannelFlip Challenges Gamers to Unreal Tournament 3 Competition

ChannelFlip has five copies of Unreal Tournament 3 for the Xbox 360 to give away. Each of the games include…

Unreal Tournament 3 Blasting Its Way onto the 360 in July

Midway and Epic have confirmed that Unreal Tournament 3 for the Xbox 360 will hit stores on July 7. Included…

You Got Your Mario in My Unreal Tournament

We’ve shown you some of the cool mods that have been designed for Unreal Tournament 3 in the past, like…

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