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Van Helsing

In the game, players take control of Van Helsing as he attempts to put a stop to Dracula’s evil scheme and destroy the dark creatures that inhabit the ancient land of Transylvania. Over the course of their crusade, players will travel through 10 supernatural environments such as a haunted forest, Castle Frankenstein, Castle Dracula and ominous caverns. Armed with an arsenal of deadly weapons including a grappling hook, pistols, tojo blades, a crossbow and an electric gun, players will tangle untold fiends and evil minions including the legendary dark prince Dracula as well as his brides, The Wolf Man, the Frankenstein Monster and Mr. Hyde to name a few. Additionally, players will be able to utilize Van Helsing’s signature grappling hook to escape impending doom and pull creatures within melee range.

Van Helsing at a Glance