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Virtual Sailor 7

Virtual Sailor 7 is the most sophisticated naval simulator in existence for the PC today, it is the result of years of feedback and improvement and years of accumulated experience in naval simulation.

The program was designed to be an accurate simulator and features an exceptionally realistic water and ship dynamics.

In addition, the program was made very user friendly and simple to add content to, it is simple to create and configure new boats, and scenery can be made by importing elevation data found in many sources throughout the internet.

All data structures and formats used by the program are fully documented for the purpose of adding third party add-ons, and indeed over the years of its existence, thousands of these add-ons were made by many dedicated users of VS.

Virtual Sailor 7 at a Glance

  • Platform(s): PC
  • Developer: Ilan Papini
  • Publisher: Unknown/To be Announced/None