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WakeBoarding Unleashed

HANG ON FOR YOUR LIFE! Rip across a lake behind a screaming speedboat, tricking through dangerous terrain with only a sliver of wakeboard between you and the blistering water below. Catch mind-blowing air in 9 exotic locations around the world-from Lake Powell to Hong Kong Harbor. Tired Already? Then steer the boat and help your friend pull off challenging technical ticks on the most realistic-looking water ever. Team up in CO-OP, you drive, as your friend flies!

Pull off crazy tricks!
Sharpen your wakeboarding skills in 9 interactive levels around the world
Navigate the boat as your friend wakeboards in Cooperative Mode
Hold on Tight as you slingshot into unteathered terrain, or with all-new Rope Mechanics.™

WakeBoarding Unleashed at a Glance

  • Platform(s): PC, Mac
  • Genre: SPORTS
  • Developer: Aspyr
  • Publisher: Activision Inc.