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Connection is power. Everything is connected. Everyone casts his digital shadow. As Aiden Pierce use hacking, surveillance and sabotage to send a message across the city.

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Anyone found the new yacht in the Bay for Human Conditions? The owners must be religious types

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Feb 17 2017

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  • Sgt_Prof Sgt_Prof

    Some modding could revive this game :)

  • Killatomate Killatomate

    This is the first Ubi game that have i bought in 8 years. And it is certainly the last. This **** game DOES NOT WORK. At all. Ubisoft ripped me off. again. screw you UBI. keep your ****** console ports to yourself. PC games use mouse and keyboard you know. im not gonna buy a potato in order to control this game.

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  • notadcanymore notadcanymore

    Graphics downgrade? Who cares.. The game still looks good.

    I also don't want any "WATCH DOGS ****. GTA BEST" comments here. I love GTA V too, but I'm tired of these comments. I really wish these immature fanboys keep their rants to themselves.

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  • #8Guest Guest

    with this mod will i finally be able to watch dogs as we were promised ??

  • Dawbra Dawbra

    We can get old Aiden Pierce look , with animated face on cinematics?

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  • #1Guest Guest

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  • TheUnbeholden TheUnbeholden

    alright so the game is great, If you can get passed the fact that the controls are terrible and theres no consequences for driving recklessly (police seem to be non-existent except when the story says so) and the fact that driving feels off (collision doesn't have any weight to it and feels very rushed, theres a great game here!

    Theres all the obvious issues (its Ubisoft game so you know its rushed out the door). Theres mouse lag (which you can by following a few steps:, no FOV slider and the multiplayer is really buggy at the moment however the technical director said they (his team) are working on it:

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    • TheUnbeholden TheUnbeholden

      and no SLI performance scaling, running two AMD cards in crossfire reduces performance.

      Hopefully that issue will be fixed along with the FOV slider, multiplayer performance and mouse lag.

      When I say terrible controls, I mean there's so many places in the game where keboard + mouse control is badly implemented. There's so many places a cursor would've been a better control choice.

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  • cinco cinco

    modding ability=zero.

    holding purchase

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