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WipEout 2048

Sony Shuts Down WipeOut Developer Studio Liverpool

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Quantum Levitation Makes WipeOut Possible in Real Life (VIDEO)


Scientists created a model track on which WipeOut cars hover. It’s awesome.

5 Reasons The PSVita Will Be Worth Your Money


Oh, and 1 reason it won’t…

E3 2011 – PSVita In-Depth Preview


The handheld everyone’s been waiting for? Find out what we thought as we got hands on with the next-generation portable and three games.

Is the Vita Gonna Be Available in Multiple Colors?

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What an excellent question!

WipEout 2048 Vita Trailer

wipeout vita

You will be impressed.

WipEout 2048 at a Glance

  • Genre: RACING
  • Developer: Sony
  • Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
  • ESRB Ratings: Rating Pending/NA
  • Release Date: TBA