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Doom 4: id Software’s Last Shot?


On the eve of QuakeCon 2013, I’m white-knuckle-gripping my defibrillator paddles, hoping to shock some life into one of the…

Friday Flame Wars: No More Generically Dark FPS Games?


Spector vs Wolfenstein vs. YOU!

Warren Spector “Tired” of Stuff Like Wolfenstein. Are You?


There’s a new Wolfenstein game coming later this year…but do you really want one? Set for a Q4 2013 release…

10 Nintendo 3DS Games We’d Like To See (LIST)


10 Games that should exist, and probably would if Nintendo didn’t take so long to bring out new product.

Wolfenstein 1-D, The FPS Classic As God Intended


Finally, now in One Thrilling Dimension of Terror.

Wolfenstein at a Glance