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Since 1994 the world of Warcraft has captured the souls of gamers. 10 years later, gamers no longer command from afar, but enter the World of Warcraft themselves to carve out a virtual life in Azeroth of their own. Quests, exploration and riches await as gamers venture through the world on foot, on the back of a gryphon or with a group of friends. World of Warcraft takes place within the Warcraft universe, in the wake of Warcraft III and it's expansion. Choosing your faction plays a major part in the game, as you will be at war with no less than half of the races that inhabit the game.

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RT @DevouringEye: MADNESS WILL CONSUME YOU! #wow #legion #blizzard #warcraft #ifoundpepe

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RT @BlizzHeroes: We've add two extra Heroes to this week's Free Hero Rotation, with plenty of favorites from @Warcraft for use in yo…

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If you could use any ability from Azeroth in real life, what would it be?

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RT @KageSatsuki: Healing in #Warcraft.

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Patch 7.2 Preview: Get ready to rumble with PvP Brawls! ⚔️ |

Feb 21 2017

We all love our dear pets (both virtual and IRL), but don't forget to give your pets an extra special cuddle today…

Feb 20 2017

RT @OJessicaNigri: My Sindragosa!! SO HAPPY WITH HOW THIS TURNED OUT!! @Warcraft @Blizzard_Ent

Feb 20 2017

Behold, the Blades of the Shimada! Fanart by VanHarmontt (

Feb 19 2017

Like mounts?

Feb 18 2017

Join us next Thursday for the latest Developer Q&A! Submit questions using #LegionQA

Feb 17 2017

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  • foxdimi foxdimi

    Such WoW.

  • INtense! INtense! Staff

    We are running a giveaway for the latest WoW: Legion release here:

  • #2Guest Guest

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  • #3Guest Guest

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  • Ravious Ravious is currently the most developed 1.12.1 core, striving to achieve the true vanilla experience. This means no altered rates, no custom items or anything of that sort.
    Feel free to try it out, or at least say hi on the forums!

  • ice_trey ice_trey

    the game for the kids that cannot understand the concept of READY - AIM - FIRE lol

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    • Razzeld Razzeld

      Well at least it dons't have a mic option so we cannot hear annoying voices :P

      4 +
  • Catalyst440 Catalyst440

    WoW is a good game, no doubt, but i dont like how MMOs these days are all pay to play. A game should be bought at the register and then you dont have to pay anymore, the game is yours. I guess thats why im kinda ****** off about DLC, i can remember getting DLC for free, Free map packs, etc.

    Anyway, if you like the MMO scene (obviously i dont really but im just putting in my 2 cents) Check out Guild wars 2 when it comes out. No subscription, so you might like the extra cash for something other. Like food. or bills. Just sayn

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  • Gothii_Imperator Gothii_Imperator

    Why do you have to pay to play this game? it makes no sense. I loved the warcraft series and i wanted some sort of FPS version yeah but still i wanted some offline thing not an MMO. Sure WoW was a good idea but... if you dont want to be ripped blind by a credit card company you dont play this game...its common knowledge. If you didnt have to pay to play this game, I might consider it. but sadly it requires getting ripped off by a credit card company so no chance in hell.

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    • paccoz paccoz

      You have to pay for it because Blizzard keeps updating it. also its pretty cheap money for a 3-months Subscription... i don't know why people say its so expensive.

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      • paccoz paccoz

        think of this - World of Warcraft is about $15 a month. 12,000,000 people play. 12,000,000 x 15 = 180,000,000 dollars. That's how much money Blizzard makes each month. Without that income, they wouldn't have enough money to do pretty much anything.

        Don't just say that Blizzard should make the game free. You really have no idea what you're talking about.

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