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X-Men: Destiny

Deadpool, Other Activision Marvel Games Pulled from Steam, XBLA, PSN

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It appears as though Dec. 31, 2013, marked the expiration of several of Activision’s Marvel Comics licenses, with a number of titles disappearing from digital sales portals.

X-Men: Destiny Review


If there is a bigger lie in gaming this year than X-Men: Destiny, I haven’t seen it.

The X-Men Game We Wish Someone Would Make


Because we’re tired of the series’ mutant power being ‘lameness’.

X-Men: Destiny Unlockable Costumes Cheat Codes


Get chilly with Emma Frost.

X-Men: Destiny Goes on a Launch Trailer

xmen destiny

It makes sense to me!

The Brotherhood of Mutants Wants You in X-Men: Destiny (TRAILER)

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Magneto says: “Kill all humans!” Well, he’s more eloquent than that.

Choose the X-Men in X-Men Destiny (TRAILER)

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Scott Summers says so!

X-Men: Destiny Walkthrough


Pick your destiny, or let us pick your destiny for you.

X-Men: Destiny Achievements


A “Too Human” reference in your achievements, Silicon Knights? REALLY?

X-Men: Destiny Trophies


Professor Xavier was right.

X-Men: Destiny Cheats


Cheat in a world that hates and fears you.

Stan Lee and His Moustache Go Behind the Scenes With X-men: Destiny



2011 Fall AAA Games Preview


There are a lot of games.

X-Men: Destiny – Powers Vignette (Video)


Enjoy the explosive generic powers.

X-Men: Destiny Behind-the-Scenes Trailer


Meet Grant, the clean-cut, all-American good guy.

E3 2011: The X-Men Destiny Demo’s Mutant Power Is Boredom


Come on guys. The game comes out in September. Why couldn’t we play the dang thing?

X-Men: Destiny Trailer


Activision has released a new trailer for X-Men: Destiny.

X-Men: Destiny at a Glance