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XCOM: Enemy Unknown Cheats


Roll out the welcoming committee.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Achievements


Crush the alien invader on the X-box 360.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Trophies


Show these invading aliens who’s boss.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Launch Trailer is Flashy

xcom enemy unknown 1 thumb

There seems to be an abnormal amount of bass in here.

Watch An Xcom Dev Try Selling The Game Early

xcom enemy unknown 1 thumb

It’s not as thrilling as it sounds.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Preview – Close Encounters of the Best Kind


Close encounters of the most awesome kind.

Give XCOM: Enemy Unknown a Whirl with a Steam Demo

xcom enemy unknown 1 thumb

Go try it out.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown’s PC Version Has Features Consoles Don’t

xcom enemy unknown pc thumb

Sounds like the PC version will be the one to have.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Now Available for Digital Pre-Orders

xcom enemy unknown thumb

More pre-orders mean more rewards.

XCOM Dev Concerned About “The Hipster Effect”


It’s kind of a cool observation.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Multiplayer Revealed


Series’ first.

10 Awesome PC Games Still Coming in 2012


What games do you have to look forward to throughout the rest of the year?

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Elite Soldier Pack Details


Slick cosmetic items.

XCOM E3 Preview: Bring in the Pros


Close Encounters of the Violent Kind.

Game Front’s Guide to E3 (GRAPHIC)


Check out the games of E3.

XCOM: Unknown Enemy is Coming in October

xcom enemy unknown thumb

Hey, at least one XCOM game is still coming this year.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Preview: Combining Classic Gameplay With Modern Graphics


The aliens are coming, and they’re from the 90s!

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Seeks to Recapture the Series’ Former Glory (VID)


G.I. Joe action figure soldiers!

PAX East 2012 Preview: The Big Games List


Check out our 2012 coverage plan!

Game Front’s Updated 2012 Preview Calendar


Keep track of what gamers can look forward to for the rest of the year.

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XCOM: Enemy Unknown at a Glance

  • Platform(s): PC
  • Genre: ADVENTURE
  • Developer: 2K Games
  • Publisher: 2K Games
  • ESRB Ratings: Rating Pending/NA
  • Release Date: TBA