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Yggdra Union

Ruled by a royal family said to be descendants of the gods themselves, Fantasinia is a prosperous and peaceful land – until the peace is shattered by the invading forces of the Empire of Bronkia.

Led by the young emperor Gulcasa, who seized control of the Empire in a brutal coup d’etat, Bronkia’s Imperial Army cuts a bloody swath through the people of Fantasinia and the Royal Armies of King Ordeene.

Amidst the chaos, a young woman escapes from the besieged capital of Partina—a woman with innocence in her face, and a sword in her hand.

The girl’s name is Princess Yggdra, the last surviving member of the royal family; the sword is the Gran Centurio, a legendary blade once wielded by the founder of Fantasinia, and passed down through generations of royalty.

Fleeing to a remote valley at the southern tip of the continent, Yggdra meets up with an unusual thief named Milanor, a chivalrous young man destined to help her liberate the people of her kindgom…


• Strategic card-driven gameplay!

• Decks of “Tactical Cards” are used to determine battlefield movement, special attacks, and more!

• Stunning artistry in every aspect of gameplay!

• Character design by manga artist Satoko Kiyuzuki and card design by Sunaho Tobe, character designer of Riviera: The Promised Land!

• Over 30 attack, defense, and support skills!

• Join forces with other allies to form an unbeatable Union!

Yggdra Union at a Glance