GameStop Listing Confirms KOTOR Collection For PC

If you’ve longed to thrill to the amazing power of console graphics in 2003, but would prefer to do so on your PC, now’s your chance. The busy eyes over at Joystiq have stumbled on GameStop’s online listings for upcoming releases, and it confirms a July 17 release date for the Star Wars; Knights of the Old Republic collection for PC.

Now this might not be the actual title. As Joystiq notes, it’s listed as the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic I and II PC Bundle Pack on Amazon, though the box still says “Star Wars; Knights of the Old Republic collection”. We’ll keep you posted about the actual name.

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9 Comments on GameStop Listing Confirms KOTOR Collection For PC


On July 2, 2012 at 1:58 pm

Ah, Kotor 2, the sloppy unfinished mess with the terrible story that made me swear never to give Obsidian another cent.


On July 2, 2012 at 2:50 pm

Obsidian really didn’t have much of a choice. While they were flawed, LucasArts really forced an early release. They adopted the same practices that (at the time) caused the docs at Bioware to swear never to work with LucasArts again. (Now they have, and the product is even worse!)

The story as it was written (and even packed in the game) actually was quite good. the gameplay was an improvement upon the original KOTOR. KOTOR2 could’ve been one of the greatest games ever, had LA given 6 more months, and Obsidian had the technical know-how to make it so. Alas, neither was true.

It did make one of the greatest characters of SW lore in Kreia, and made the figure Revan far more interesting.


On July 3, 2012 at 12:47 am

I had WAY more fun with KOTOR 2 than I did 1.

Now that I think about it, I kinda wish the people that are doing the updated Baulders Gate, would do the same thing with KOTOR. Then maybe KOTOR 2 would actually the treatment it deserves because as it is, its a very underrated game.


On July 3, 2012 at 1:36 am

Kotor 2 under rated? Only if cow pies are under rated as fine food. Everyone I know who has played 2, hates it (myself included). The story was dreadful. The ending was terrible. The game was just a mess to play. I loved one so much, I couldn’t wait to play 2. Oh boy was I in for the dissappointment of a gaming lifetime.
I’m with Peggie20 on this one. Although I enjoyed Never Winter Nights 2, so they kinda redeemed themselves to me, and as buggy as New Vegas was, I enjoyed that one as well, so I’m far from writing off Obsidian. Just don’t ask me support their (in my eyes) worst game ever.
Sorry Kevin. Can’t agree with much of anything you say. I honestly couldn’t find anything better with two over one. Story sucked, ending sucked, combat sucked. They saved everytime I used force powers, so much so that I actually gave up using them. They were absolutely worthless, yet I could never save against them. No, combat definitely sucked. Nope, nothing better with two over one.


On July 4, 2012 at 1:54 am

“The combat sucked”

2 featured the exact same combat system of 1. So when you say the combat in 2 sucked, you must think the combat in 1 sucked as well because with the exception of the Saber Stances, nothing was changed.

“The ending sucked”

Ok, Ill give you this one. However, 2 ended the exact same way 1 ended and the ending of 1 wasnt that great to begin with.

“They saved everytime I used force powers, so much so that I actually gave up using them. They were absolutely worthless, yet I could never save against them.”

Thats not the games fault you didnt build your character correctly. Dex, Con and Wis are the three stats that help modify your saving throw. Again, just like with the combat, this has not been changed from 1.

“Nope, nothing better with two over one.”

More weapons, more modification options, higher level cap, more feats/skills/force powers for both light and dark side, progressively stacking stat bonuses the further you went light side or dark side, specialization classes, more party members, party interaction wasnt an arbitrary feature that had little to no effect on gameplay, and thats just off the top of my head.

I know this is alot like telling someone they should read a book in order for the movie to make more sense, but there is a mod for KOTOR 2 that adds all the stuff that had to be removed prior to release, back into the game.


On July 4, 2012 at 9:27 am

Axetwin honestly, I’m glad you liked it. In regards to some of your comments like Dex, Con and Wis are the three stats that help modify your saving throw. No sh_t Sherlock. Been gaming since green screen apples and never came acrossed a game I couldn’t beat, to this day. I know how to build character in any game I play. Still doesn’t change the fact that combat sucked. No it wasn’t the same. The saving throws changed everything. I’ve got builds for games that kick major assets.
You may like it but most of the world doesn’t. Check out any forum and see the hate to like ratio. I’ld say at least 20/1.
All the adds you mentioned couldn’t save the game. I know people who love liver, but that doesn’t make it good, at least to the majority of people. I compare it to Deus Ex. The original was great, Invisible War, well not so great, and was slammed by most of the public. It too had some people who defended it but it still sucked.
I stand by my original statement. Kotor 1 kicks Kotor 2′s booty.


On July 4, 2012 at 10:35 pm

Uh…KOTOR 1 DID have saving throws. The RPG mechanics of both games were based on the D20 system that was already being used for the table top StarWars RPG. Now Ill admit I dont remember if the saving throws show up in the character sheet for 1, but if you look at the manuals for the first game, you’ll see that they were included in the game. That makes it a hidden modifier which means, point goes to 2 for actually giving you all the relevant data you needed to properly build your character.

So your argument is because so many people disliked this game and Invisible War (which Ill get to in a moment) then that must mean these games are absolute garbage? Well then by your logic, the Twilight series must life changing what with its millions and millions of die hard fans and followers. Kristin Stewart must be the worlds best actrice since she was recently named the highest paid actrice in the business right now. C’mon, you and I both know the Twilight books are nothing more than Stephanie Meyer’s way of projecting her teenage frustrations of being unloved and unpopular. Kristin Stewart is a soul sucking emotional blackhole that has the acting range of Derek Zoolander.

Im glad you brought up Invisible War, I thought about bringing it up in my previous post but decided against it. See, there’s the thing, IW and KOTOR 2 have more in common than just “theyre both sequels that suck”. Yes, KOTOR 2 was unfinished at its release, the story didnt make alot of sense and there were several random bugs that made it into the final product. Yes, IW had several questionable changes and additions and as is the case, it had an inferior story. However, unlike the KOTOR community, while the IW community rags on the game, they will admit that when IW is compared to other games that were coming out around the same time, IW was actually damn good, it only fails when compared to DE1. I think its a shame the KOTOR community wont atleast concede that ground for KOTOR 2. Sure when viewed as a whole, it might fall apart when compared to the first game (you’ll notice I never said 2 was better than 1, just that I felt it was underrated and I enjoyed it more), but when compared to other console RPGs of the time, I think it holds up remarkably well. But, unfortunately your typical average gamer sees a game as either being good or terrible and never anything in between. If its bad, then they spend their time ruthlessly bashing it (often exaggerating its faults) and then have the audacity to question why there was never a sequel *cough*kotor3*cough*

In anycase, I apologize for the long post. Its getting progressively more difficult to find a good back and forth with someone without the other party descending into insults or trying to counter-troll (the assumption is Im trying to troll them) simply because I dare to have a different opinion.


On July 5, 2012 at 2:19 am

Axetwin, First off the saves were not the same. The saves in two were completely revamped. The first was based off of the D&D rule set which I know backwards and forwards as I used to DM and play every weekend with our local gamers guild. I have no idea what two was. Don’t even try to tell me they are the same because I did comparison with two similar characters with exact stats and they didn’t even come close. Yes I know it’s somewhat random ( the saves ) but if you were to roll dice for two d&d characters, it sort of averages out. This didn’t. Wasn’t close.
No, my arguement isn’t because of others didn’t like it (which does matter to the publisher), it’s because I didn’t like it. I loved the first and really wanted to like this one. Didn’t happen. Not only did I not like the story, I hated the Npc’s. They were dull, lifeless and flat.
As far as the Kotor community, what do you want them to do? Lie. They hated the game for most of the reasons I did. Like I said. I’m glad you liked it, I wish I did, but that will never happen
I try not to insult anyone with a different opinion because it is just that. An opinion. For you, your opinion is right. For me, mine is. Just like I like mushrooms and my daughter hates them. I don’t criticize her for her opinion. I just poke fun at her, and try and get her to eat one. I hate the “Call of Duty” series, thus I bad mouth it. Not heavily, but will knock it for it’s sucky single player campaign. We will all knock or defend things we like or dislike. Doesn’t make anyone a troll. What makes a troll, at least in my opinion, is someone who is looking more for and arguement or fight, just because. Someone who is looking to piss people off just for the fun of it.
As for a sequel, well if you had asked me that a year ago, I would have said yes. But now I’m not so sure. It’s like someone on a different thread said. “Do you want this bioware to make the sequel since it’s not the bioware of old?” Now Obsidian has redeamed themselves in my eyes over the last several years and I would love to let them have another crack at it, with no time limits like last time. As for long posts, I say they are the windows to the soul. Or was that the eyes? Oh well, what ever, I do them too.


On July 5, 2012 at 2:22 am

Oh yeah. You wont get any arguement on the Twilight stuff. Tween vampires,,,,,,, Ppplease.