GameStop VP Says Kinect Will Probably Outsell Move

GameStop’s senior vice president for merchandizing is Bob McKenzie. He told Eurogamer that Kinect will outsell the Playstation Move this year. Or, rather, I think that’s what he said. Here is a chain of quotes that is the result of Eurogamer asking him whether Kinect or Move will win the holidays:

I’d say right now Microsoft’s Kinect is looking to be the winner of the two for us.

We’re very happy with the sell through over the weekend. It has met our expectations and actually exceeded our initial forecasts.

I do have them both obviously and the Move sports bundle is a great option, but I knew for my family – with an eight-year-old daughter and ten-year-old boy – that Kinect was really going to be the thing that was more geared towards my household.

It seems pretty clear at first, but then he starts talking about how Kinect is better for his family, and since Eurogamer has yet to publish the full text of its interview with McKenzie, I’ll just assume the “us” McKenzie is talking about is his family rather than his chain of stores, because that’s a personally reasonable assumption to make.

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3 Comments on GameStop VP Says Kinect Will Probably Outsell Move


On November 10, 2010 at 2:53 am

Sounds like an xbox360 fan anticipating the Epic fail of motion gaming as does the Nintendo Wii. Xbox360 did the same thing as Wii but no controller and a bunch of ty family games that only idiot kids and adults would want to play like Kinect animals (seriously guys don’t sell stupid like that, only targeting little kids is a bad idea, like Nintendo. Ya sure they got over 21.5 Million+ sales on their games, but they all suck. Wii and Xbox360 I guess think that video game industry is about suckering a bunch of F*#@ING idiots to buy crappy ass games(which its successfully done thanks to Nintendo)). Now most of your gamers that own a Wii that got smash bros not dissing on you guys cause you bought the only good game that came out for it other than the 2d F#%K your friends over Mario game(wow 2 good games could their be a 3rd? F-Zero?) While you guys enjoy your crap, PS3 put out something that supports big and new upcoming titles exclusive for the PS3 like Little Big Planet 2 with Move support, Killzone 3, and that cool looking wizard game(forgot the name of it and no its not harry potter). If your going to sell a product like that do what Sony did Attract your Hardcore fan base with the current working titles that you have and add your motion gaming to support that title so that people will be able to make a CHOICE(whoa you can make a choice with the Move NO WAY!!) again I kid you not you can play some Move games with out the move. Maybe all not for sure. If xbox360 did that you could, psh… I don’t know get more sales?


On November 10, 2010 at 1:28 pm

If motion gaming is an epic fail and all Wii games suck, then why is the Wii the top-selling console? And why did Sony copy (blatantly rip-off) its control scheme? Sure, many of the games suck from a hardcore gamer point of view, but that’s not the market Nintendo is aiming for. And some of the crappy Wii games are coming to the PS3 thanks to the Move (The Lord of the Rings: Aragorn’s Quest and No More Heroes, among others).

As for Sony attracting the hardcore fan base with the Move, it’d have to be the hardcore fans, as they’re the only ones who’d re-buy the games they already own just to support a gimmicky control scheme (why can’t they just patch the existing games to use Move? Oh, that’s right, Sony get more money if people have to buy new copies).

And the Kinect has been shown controlling existing games.

And don’t even think of calling me a Microsoft or Nintendo fanboy. The only Nintendo device I own is the original Gameboy, I have the original Playstation, Playstation 2 and PSP, don’t own a Wii or Xbox 360, and use Linux on my PC for everything except gaming.


On November 11, 2010 at 9:48 pm

Props to you, you are the first to give a valid argument to one of my posts and a thank you for it. I’m not sure about the control scheme rip off, sure they are both sticks and Wii doesn’t own the rights to a stick. Plus the controller (to be fair) it has similarities to the Wii mote you are correct about that sir, but does it have a nice glowing bulb at the top of it to track its movement? I THINK NOT!! Yes I do understand what Nintendo is aiming for(but, big problem I’m a……HARDCORE GAMER!!)but, doesn’t seem like anything I would think people in their right state of mind would play, I mean come on the new Mario party game? Sure it was cool a couple of times, cool board game style with interesting and creatively built mini games, but the sad fact is its the same F*#&ING S@$T for I don’t know the PAST 7 MARIO PARTIES.(but for some odd reason Metal Slug keeps going and gets better almost each time, damn those Japanese got me hooked on a cool shooter, I mean who would dislike an almost impossible game to play?Guilty as charged!) For crying out loud guys think of something else, ya the game is a big hit but don’t you think after maybe 7 or 8 of them with party games that anyone can now think of is kinda oh I don’t know, STUPID!? Besides they do use updates for free for the Move, give me a game that they have to make you re-buy and you have me going the other way about that. Well I wouldn’t call you a Microsoft Fan boy or Nintendo Fan cause I see by the system list of purchases you were fed up with Nintendo’s S*#T and have gone to Linux like my good pal in Texas, Linux is a pretty cool OS but can’t run half the games I own on it except id software’s greatest games like doom and quake(more fan of doom than quake). Other than that your argument is very valid again and thanks for someone giving me some new information we should do this again some time soon!!(not trying to be a on my post just trying to figure out what is up with moderate gamers buying a bunch of (in my opinion) the crappiest games that any human being would ever play)
Oh forgot to comment on the Wii games going to PS3, that’s a WTF!? in my department.(what are these guys thinking?)